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1m (393/ ") Amne Mid­night cloud print or­ganic cot­ton jer­sey knit (ours was from­lyjub­bly fab­ Match­ing sewing thread Elas­tic, 2cm ( ") wide Stretch sewing ma­chine nee­dle Tailor’s chalk

A fresh pair of jam­mies, prime for Santa’s-on-his-way snug­gling – that’s our ideal fes­tive aes­thetic. Sew as a Christ­mas Eve treat for lit­tlies and pair with hot choco­late – the combo of su­per-soft cot­ton jer­sey and warm milk will send them to sleep in no time.

Never em­braced the stretch? With a bit of jer­sey fi­nesse, this fab­ric’s not as tricky to work with as you might have thought. Bring on those dreams of sugar plums.

Pre-wash and dry the fab­ric first to pre­vent shrink­age when wash­ing later, then press. Fold the fab­ric in half with the main stretch across the width. Us­ing the tem­plates on page 97, and fol­low­ing the marked direc­tions, draw out the pat­tern pieces to the re­quired size us­ing tailor’s chalk then cut out.

Pin the two leg­ging pieces with right sides (RS) to­gether and sew the front and back rise – the two short curved edges at the top. If you don’t have an over­locker, se­cure the seam with zigzag stitch.

Po­si­tion the pieces so the rise seam is cen­tral. Pin the raw edges of the in­side legs, turn­ing one rise seam to the back and one to the front. Sew the in­side legs as be­fore.

Cut the elas­tic to the waist mea­sure­ment mi­nus 2cm ( "), over­lap the ends by 2cm ( "), then sew with zigzag stitch to cre­ate a loop. Pin the cen­tre to the wrong side ( WS) of the cen­tre front seam, then pin the join to the WS of the cen­tre back seam, align­ing the top edges. Sew us­ing straight stitch.

Fold down the elas­tic to the WS of the py­ja­mas, then fold down once again. Sew in place along the bot­tom edge of the elas­tic us­ing zigzag stitch.

Fold the fab­ric at the an­kle to the WS by 1cm ( "), then again by 2cm ( "), to cre­ate the hem. Sew around the open­ing with zigzag stitch. The an­kle and sleeve edge can be fid­dly to sew, so turn up and press the seam al­lowance with the gar­ment WS out, then turn to the RS and sew in­side the cuff.

Next, take the py­jama top front and back pieces, place RS to­gether and sew the shoul­der seams.

Take the sleeve and mark the cen­tre of the curve. Pin this point to the shoul­der seam with RS to­gether and start sewing the arm­hole, gen­tly eas­ing the curve as you go. Re­peat for the other side.

Take the neck­band and sew the short ends RS to­gether to form a loop. Fold in half across the width

with WS to­gether, then pin the seam to the cen­tre back on the RS of the neck hole and the cen­tre point to the cen­tre front, align­ing the raw edges. Sew, stretch­ing the neck­hole slightly to ease it in.

Zigzag stitch the bot­tom hem of the py­jama top, then fold to the WS by 2cm ( "). Pin the cen­tre and along the curve to help ease in the ex­cess length, then zigzag stitch in place, catch­ing the edge of the hem with the stitch.

Fold the top in half at the shoul­der seams, RS to­gether, then pin the arm­hole seams. Start­ing from the hem, sew up the side seam and down the sleeve.

Sew a 1cm ( ") wide close zigzag stitch over the side seam.

Fold the raw sleeve edge to the WS by 1cm ( "), then again by 2cm ( "), and zigzag stitch in place.

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