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Berg­ere de France Lunele, 100% polyester, 352m/355yd per 25g, one spool in Or (51775) (Yarn A) (ours was from­cro­ Paint­box Yarns Wool Mix Chunky, 50% wool, 50% acrylic, 100m/109yd per 100g, one ball in Ever­green (1030) (Yarn B) Lana Grossa Su­perbingo, 100% wool, 55m/60yd per 50g, one ball in Hell­rot (46) (Yarn C) La­mana Puno, 60%

al­paca, 40% wool, 60m/66yd per 50g, one ball in Karmin (033) (Yarn D) DMC Natura Just Cot­ton XL, 100% cot­ton, 75m/83yd per 100g, one ball in Pink (41) (Yarn E) and two balls in Cream (31) (Yarn F) Ber­roco Vin­tage Chunky, 52% acrylic, 40% wool, 8% ny­lon, 124m/136yd per 100g, one ball in Sunny (06121) (Yarn G) 50 x 50cm (19 x 19 ") monk’s cloth

50 x 50cm (19 x 19 ") back­ing fab­ric 50 x 70cm (19 x 275/ 8") lin­ing fab­ric Sewing nee­dle Match­ing sewing thread Tapestry frame Gold thread Nee­dle punch Latch hook tool Pom pom maker 30 x 20cm (117/ x 77/ 8") 8 rug can­vas Wool nee­dle 18cm (71/ 8") gold rib­bon, 1cm ( 3 /8") wide 5cm (2") card­board

This ar­ti­san stock­ing has blown the pil­low­case op­tion out of the wa­ter. It’s not as roomy, but fine jew­ellery doesn’t take up that much space any­way (we live in hope) and the pay off in tex­ture is worth it. There’s rug hook­ing, nee­dle punch­ing, pom poms and tas­sels all vy­ing for at­ten­tion, re­sult­ing in a Merry-Christ­mas-to-me piece that’s equal parts stock­ing and wall art. RSVP to the tex­ture party – you’ll find us fondling yarn and prac­tis­ing our Mariah high notes.

01 Cut or copy the stock­ing tem­plate from page 97, then cut a piece of monk’s cloth large enough to ac­com­mo­date the stock­ing shape and stretch it over the tapestry frame or a large em­broi­dery hoop. Us­ing the

stock­ing tem­plate and a pen­cil, draw the shape onto the cloth. Put this to one side for now.

02 To make the latch hook fringe, mea­sure the top of the stock­ing and cut a piece of the rug can­vas about 3cm (1¼") larger in each di­rec­tion. Only the stock­ing top will be latch hooked. Be­gin wrap­ping Yarn E around the 5cm (2") piece of card­board. Once the yarn has been wrapped around a few times, cut down the mid­dle. This will cre­ate strands of yarn ready to use. Re­peat with Yarns A,C,D,F and G.

03 Push the latch hook tool through the can­vas, mak­ing sure the latch mech­a­nism is above the line and fac­ing to­wards you.

04 Take a cut piece of Yarn E and run it un­der­neath the tool, mak­ing sure it’s below the line the tool was pushed through. Pinch the two ends of yarn to­gether and wrap both pieces into the open mouth of the hook, as shown.

05 Close the latch and pull the tool to­wards you, let­ting go of the two ends of yarn, then pull the yarn all the way through.

06 Us­ing the chart on page 97 as a guide to the colour changes, or mak­ing a pat­tern of your own, re­peat this process over and over un­til the piece of rug can­vas is "lled, leav­ing a bor­der around the edges. To make the piece ex­tra thick and #uffy, use two pieces of yarn for each square.

07 Once com­plete, trim the ex­cess can­vas at the sides of the piece.

08 To cover the top edge, take the yarn nee­dle and thread it with a length of Yarn F. Sew around the edge un­til no plas­tic is left show­ing. This is now ready and can be put to one side.

09 Us­ing a pen­cil and the main im­age as a guide, draw a pat­tern straight onto the fab­ric stock­ing shape. To nee­dle punch the main part of the stock­ing, thread the nee­dle punch with one of Yarns B-G, mak­ing sure the yarn is threaded through the hole at the top of the nee­dle and com­ing out the back. This is im­por­tant, as the loops will not stay oth­er­wise.

10 Take the nee­dle and punch down into the fab­ric of your "rst cho­sen sec­tion un­til the wooden han­dle meets the fab­ric.

11 Bring the nee­dle back out and move it along roughly 0.5cm ( "). Be sure to not bring the nee­dle out too far as you’ll pull the looped


yarn out. Move the nee­dle along, mak­ing small run­ning stitches.

12 Con­tinue to !ll in the sec­tions with the nee­dle punch and Yarns B-G. You’ll no­tice the stitches will have formed lots of lit­tle loops on the back of the work – this will be­come the right side (RS).

13 Once all the marked sec­tions have been !lled, turn the frame over and make sure the loops don’t need any trim­ming. You won’t need to nee­dle punch right to the top of the marked stock­ing tem­plate, as the latch hooked piece will sit over this area.

14 Us­ing the pa­per tem­plate, cut two pieces of fab­ric for the lin­ing of the stock­ing. Cut the nee­dle punched fab­ric out, leav­ing 3cm (1¼") around the out­side of the tem­plate marks. Use this as a tem­plate to cut a sec­ond piece of fab­ric for the back of the stock­ing.

15 Align­ing the top raw edges, pin one lin­ing piece to the stock­ing front, RS to­gether, and one lin­ing piece to the stock­ing back, RS to­gether, as shown.

16 Sew both pairs 1cm ( 3 /8") down from the top, then press open.

17 Lay one stock­ing piece on the other, RS to­gether. Pin around the edges. For the hang­ing loop, fold the length of gold rib­bon in half and pin the folded end in­side at the top cor­ner above the heel, leav­ing a 2cm (¾") seam al­lowance.

18 Next, sew all the way around the stock­ing, leav­ing a 10cm (4") gap in the lin­ing. Turn the stock­ing to the RS through the gap, then fold the raw edges at the gap to the wrong side and sew closed.

19 Us­ing your !ngers, push the lin­ing back into the stock­ing. You might !nd it help­ful to use the end of a knit­ting nee­dle to help push the fab­ric into the cor­ners. Hand sew the latch-hooked piece onto the top of the stock­ing.

20 For the dan­gling em­bel­lish­ment, make two large pom poms: one in Yarn B and one in Yarn E. Make two small pom poms: one in Yarn C and one in Yarn D. Make three chunky tas­sels: one of each in Yarns E, F and G. Wrap the mid­dle of each of the tas­sels with a scrap of Yarn A for sparkle. Thread all the tas­sels and pom poms onto a length of Yarn F, re­fer­ring to the main im­age as a guide to place­ment, and sew in place be­side the gold hang­ing loop at the top cor­ner of the com­pleted stock­ing.

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