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Step up your footwear game with Lau­ren Smith’s dec­o­ra­tive beaded patches

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For jazz­ing up your go-to flats


Two 15 x 15cm (6 x 6") squares of blue felt Two 6 x 6cm (23/8 x 23/8 ") squares of pink felt Two 10cm (4") em­broi­dery hoops White fab­ric pen­cil Size 3 em­broi­dery nee­dle Blue metal­lic thread (we used DMC Light Ef­fects in E3843) Pink em­broi­dery thread Size 6 pink seed beads Size 6 blue seed beads Size 8 white seed beads Size 11 pink seed beads Size 11 blue seed beads 6mm sil­ver bu­gle beads Fab­ric glue Slip-on loafers Those plain pumps lan­guish­ing at the back of your wardrobe? You know they de­serve more. Give them a new lease of life for party sea­son with a set of beaded ap­pliqué patches, and no­body’ll put these ba­bies in the cor­ner.

Patches as im­pres­sive as these shouldn’t be con­fined to footwear though. Back one with a safety pin to make a brooch, sew a chain to the each end of the U-shape for a state­ment neck­lace, or pop one on a pocket of your favourite jeans.

01 Us­ing the tem­plate on page 97 and the white fab­ric pen­cil, draw around the patch shape onto the blue felt, then place the fab­ric in the em­broi­dery hoop.

02 Us­ing the pink em­broi­dery thread, sew one size 6 pink seed bead into the cen­tre of each outer tri­an­gle be­fore pulling the thread through to com­plete the stitch. Thread a size 11 pink seed bead onto the nee­dle, then pull the nee­dle through the cen­tre of the larger bead. The smaller bead should now sit neatly on top of the larger bead, act­ing as an an­chor to keep it in place.

03 Still us­ing the pink thread, sew six size 11 pink seed beads in a semi-cir­cle around each of the larger beads. Keep the six beads close to­gether and on the out­side of the bead, so they lie clos­est to the tri­an­gle points.

04 Us­ing the tem­plate on page 97, trace and cut out the pink arch shape. Use a lit­tle fab­ric glue on the back to keep it in place, then gen­tly press the arch in the cen­tre of the blue patch. Leave the felt pieces to one side to dry.

05 Thread two strands of metal­lic thread onto the em­broi­dery nee­dle. Com­ing up through both lay­ers of felt, and keep­ing close to the edge of the pink arch, sew large blan­ket stitches around the bor­der of the pink arch. Space them to leave roughly 0.5cm ( ") be­tween each stitch.

06 Sew blue and white seed beads along the in­side of the pink arch, us­ing white em­broi­dery thread and al­ter­nat­ing colours. You want the white bead to lie flat against the fab­ric, so sew the bead on each side to an­chor it down. For the blue beads, use the same an­chor­ing tech­nique as in Step 2, but this time with size 11 blue seed beads in­stead of pink ones.

07 Sew one bu­gle bead in front of each seed bead so it lies flat, point­ing away from the in­ner arch.

08 Sew one size 11 blue seed bead at the other end of each of the bu­gle beads.

09 Take the felt out of the hoop and care­fully cut around the shape. Take ex­tra care when cut­ting around the in­ner arch and avoid trim­ming too close to the stitch­ing on ei­ther side of the patch.

10 Turn the patch over and spread a layer of fab­ric glue across the back. Try not to go too close to the edge, as you don’t want any glue seep­ing out from un­der the felt. Wait un­til the glue is slightly tacky be­fore mov­ing on to Step 11 – this may take up to five min­utes.

11 Gen­tly press the patch onto the front of the shoe, po­si­tion­ing it cen­trally, then leave to dry. This can take a few hours.

12 Re­peat Steps 1-11 for the other shoe to fin­ish the match­ing pair.

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