Recharge right now!

Re­plen­ish your­self with this sim­ple med­i­ta­tion ex­er­cise, says Jody Shield…

Mother & Baby (UK) - - UPFRONT -

‘Tap­ping your thumb and fin­gers to­gether is a quick, easy way to help you de-stress,’ says Jody. ‘Your fin­ger­tips are linked to the fight-or­flight re­sponse in your brain, and by tap­ping them, you’re send­ing a calm­ing sig­nal that says ev­ery­thing is OK.’

‘Start by cre­at­ing an “O” shape with your thumb and in­dex finger, then tap them to­gether. As you tap, say “Peace”. Then tap your thumb against your mid­dle finger and say “Be­gins”. Tap your thumb to your ring finger, and say “With”, then tap it on your lit­tle finger and say “Me”. Re­peat for 10 min­utes.’ Jody hosts her first Mother­sTonic work­shop on 17 Septem­ber, jody shield.

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