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There’s a lot go­ing on in your mind when you’re preg­nant, and you can calm any of your anx­i­eties with this tech­nique. By purs­ing your lips and in­flat­ing your cheeks, you cre­ate pres­sure on the va­gus nerve in the back of your throat. This is the nerve that con­trols lots of symp­toms of anx­i­ety, in­clud­ing sweat­ing, a rac­ing heart, and nau­sea. And fo­cus­ing on the count­ing helps keep your mind off any anx­ious thoughts.

Be­gin with an ex­hale, then slowly fill your lungs with a deep breath from the bot­tom of your bump to the top of your body, through your nose.

Then in­flate your cheeks and purse your lips, as if you were blow­ing out through a straw, as you ex­hale slowly through your mouth. Ex­hale for a count of 10. In your mind, count in thou­sands (one thou­sand, two thou­sand…) to keep it slow.

Re­peat with an­other slow deep in­hale through your nose and an ex­hale through pursed lips. Con­tinue for be­tween three and five min­utes or un­til you are feel­ing calm.

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