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If you’re feel­ing slug­gish, this tech­nique will help. It will give you an en­ergy boost and in­crease your cir­cu­la­tion. It’s also good for detox­ing: 70 per cent of tox­ins leave your body via your breath!

Lie in a com­fort­able po­si­tion with your back, head and neck sup­ported with cush­ions.

Open your mouth wide, with your jaw re­laxed. To get rid of any ten­sion in your jaw, mas­sage your jaw mus­cles by ap­ply­ing cir­cu­lar pres­sure with your fin­ger­tips just un­der your cheek­bones.

Place both hands on your lower belly, just be­low your navel. In­hale through your mouth – your belly should rise. Take a deep, long breath in.

Ex­hale by let­ting go of the breath in one sigh. Your belly should soften and re­lax.

Carry on breath­ing in this re­laxed way, in­hal­ing long and slow and ex­hal­ing with a short, gen­tle sigh. Con­nect your breaths so that there are no pauses be­tween the in­hale and ex­hale.

Con­tinue for five min­utes.

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