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It’s not al­ways easy to nod off when you’re preg­nant, but this ex­er­cise will make it much eas­ier. It works by clos­ing and open­ing your eyes as you breathe. It may seem counter-in­tu­itive to open your eyes to aid sleep, but this is how many ba­bies seem to send them­selves to sleep.

Lie in a com­fort­able po­si­tion. If you’re in the later part of the sec­ond trimester or in your third trimester, lie on your side with a pil­low be­tween your legs and one be­hind your lower back.

Re­lax your jaw so there’s space be­tween your up­per jaw and lower jaw. Slowly close your eyes as you breathe in slowly through your nose for a count of four. Breathe out through your mouth for a count of six as you slowly open your eyes so you have a soft gaze.

Con­tinue un­til you fall asleep.

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