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Just as chang­ing the way you cook a veg­etable can change its taste, switch­ing how you slice or dice it al­ters its tex­ture. And tex­ture plays a huge role in the way young­sters feel about food. Through a child’s eyes, a spi­ralised cour­gette is an en­tirely dif­fer­ent food to a sliced one! Be­ing able to of­fer veg in dif­fer­ent shapes is help­ful if you’re wean­ing, too, as you can widen the range of tex­tures your baby is happy to eat. Use them, too, to en­cour­age a picky eater to play with his food: even if your tod­dler nor­mally won’t touch a par­tic­u­lar veg­etable, he may be happy to ac­cept it on his plate if it’s in a fun shape, and that’s a big step to­wards hav­ing a cu­ri­ous nib­ble one day soon. Add these gad­gets to your kitchen col­lec­tion…

The OXO 3-Blade Hand-Held Spi­ral­izer gives cour­gettes, car­rots, bell pep­pers and sweet potatoes a curly perm. Use it to make sweet potato curly chips – heat the oven to 200°C, spritz some oil on a bak­ing tray, add spi­ralised sweet potato, and bake for about 35 min­utes un­til crisp.

£22, ox­

Veg­gies with crinkly edges are eas­ier for ba­bies to hold. To make carrot crisps, use the Dav­ina Crin­kle Cut­ter to cut carrot into thin strips, toss in 1 tsp olive oil and ½ tsp curry pow­der, and roast in a 200°C oven for 10-12 min­utes.

£7.79, lake­

Use Smi­ley Faces Cookie Cut­ters to cheer up your veg! To make a smi­ley-face pizza, shape a slice of aubergine with a cookie cut­ter be­fore steam­ing it for 10 min­utes and putting on top of a pizza.

£9.99, lake­

Think your lit­tle one will never eat let­tuce? Think again! The Dav­ina Speedy Salad and Slaw Shred­der chops it into a fine pile, for easy-to-munch veg­gie mini-strips.

£7.99, lake­

The Chef’n FreshForce Potato Ricer doesn't just work on potatoes – it turns swedes, car­rots, parsnips and cau­li­flower into soft, fluffy mash, too.


The Lake­land SharpPeel Juli­enne Veg­etable Peeler takes sec­onds to turn car­rots, pep­per and cel­ery into per­fect sticks.

£3.99, lake­

Turn veg into healthy, crispy tod­dler snacks with the An­drew James Rec­tan­gu­lar Dig­i­tal Food De­hy­dra­tor. Try it with thinly sliced cour­gette, dipped into rice wine vine­gar, light olive oil and oregano.

£43.99, an­drew jamesworld­

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