Q My belly but­ton has just popped out – will I ever go back to hav­ing an in­nie?

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Kate Phillips, Rut­land

Your belly but­ton pops out in preg­nancy be­cause your tummy has to ex­pand hugely to ac­com­mo­date your baby, and the skin has to stretch the most right about where your naval is. Com­bine that with pres­sure from your ex­pand­ing uterus, and out pops your belly but­ton to say hello! For most of us, the tummy but­ton grad­u­ally soft­ens back in once baby has been born and your uterus is no longer putting pres­sure on your skin. But, as with ev­ery­thing to do with preg­nancy, there’s no hard and fast guar­an­tee, and so for some peo­ple, the belly but­ton never quite goes back to what it was. If your belly but­ton prefers to stay out, mas­sag­ing with nour­ish­ing oils will do won­ders for en­hanc­ing the skin tone of the en­tire area.


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