Q My two-year-old has no fear of any­thing and is al­ways try­ing to hurl him­self off things. What can I do?

Mother & Baby (UK) - - HERE TO HELP - Amelia Ship­ley, Hull CM

As a tod­dler, it’s your son’s job to ex­plore his en­vi­ron­ment! And it’s your job to min­imise the like­li­hood of him hurt­ing him­self or oth­ers as he does. It won’t take much for him to re­alise that jump­ing onto a cush­ion is more fun be­cause there’s less chance of hurt­ing him­self. So, when he’s play­ing, join in and show him how it’s done safely! Make up silly rhymes like ’not so high ’cos it’ll make you cry’, or ‘big and soft to land with a pofft!’ Chil­dren learn to con­trol their be­hav­iour more quickly when we fo­cus on what we want them to do rather than what we don’t want them to do, so use pos­i­tive praise and point out the times he pauses be­fore act­ing. Play the ‘STOP!’ game, too – run around with him and shout ‘STOP!’ in a funny voice. It’s a good safety tool to use when you need it!

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