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Next up was the Pro­duc­tion cat­e­gory car; James Or­ton’s race-win­ning Peu­geot 106 GTI from 2015. The car was bought as a pro­ject some years ago, but re­al­is­ing that it only had one owner from new af­ter buy­ing it, Or­ton put it on the road for his wife to use. He then con­verted it into a race car later.

I used to race a Peu­geot 205 my­self in Stock Hatch, a car renowned for be­ing tail-happy. I was ex­pect­ing the same from this Peu­geot with sim­i­lar sus­pen­sion, but it was quite the op­po­site. Or­ton has spent time work­ing on the set-up of his car, and to his credit it han­dled well.

The Peu­geot 106 was re­ally sta­ble, both un­der brak­ing and in the cor­ners, es­pe­cially on the fast Tar­mac first cor­ner, which tight­ens al­most to a hair­pin. This type of cor­ner is prime ter­ri­tory for a fron­twheel-drive car to step out of line, but the 106 was well planted. The brakes were very pos­i­tive too. Or­ton uses off-the-shelf mo­tor fac­tor discs and pads, but they were very ef­fec­tive at slow­ing the car.

As with the Im­preza, the 106 in­spired con­fi­dence to en­ter the long loose cor­ner flat on the throt­tle and, with a small tug on the hand­brake, it was will­ing to ro­tate around the fol­low­ing hair­pin nicely. What was no­tice­able was the stan­dard dif­fer­en­tial with the front-wheel-drive car. In the 90de­gree Tar­mac cor­ners, the front in­side wheel would spin up, but as all cars are the same in the cat­e­gory that makes lit­tle dif­fer­ence.

Pro­duc­tion essentials

Three sub-classes make up the Pro­duc­tion cat­e­gory; up to 1600cc 8v, up to 1600cc 16v and 1601cc to 2000cc. All cars race to­gether. On top of the safety re­quire­ments (rollcage, bucket seat, poly­car­bon­ate win­dows etc.), lim­ited mod­i­fi­ca­tions are al­lowed, such as up­graded sus­pen­sion and air fil­ter.

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