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The 750 Mo­tor Club kick-started its sea­son with a rammed sched­ule at Don­ing­ton Park.

The meet­ing brought old favourites and new starts. And it was a strong start for the new Club En­duro se­ries in what was a race of at­tri­tion for most of its com­peti­tors. Ben Demetriou/ Jonathan Evans took the win in the Porsche 968 ahead of Andy Marston/brett Evans and Leighton Nor­ris. Class C was won by Liam Crilly/jonny Macgre­gor in a Mazda RX-8 while Class I was taken by Paul Aram/ Rui Fer­reira in a Cater­ham 7.

Ian Allee won the first of the two Lo­cost races on Satur­day. Allee was able to take the lead from Jack Coveney in the clos­ing stages in the first race. In the se­cond race there was a red flag on the open­ing lap due to a five-car pile-up at Redgate. At the restart, there was a closely fought bat­tle to the end be­tween Danny An­drew, Tim Neat, Allee and Coveney, but it was An­drew who took the spoils.

The Clas­sic Stock Hatch race got sus­pended al­most as quickly as it started when a red flag was brought out due to con­tact at Redgate be­tween Stu­art Place and Ryan Clarke. At the restart, Matt Rozier made a cru­cial move on the in­side of Lee Scott into Redgate, which al­lowed him to stretch the gap un­til the fin­ish.

The se­cond race fea­tured a re­verse of that or­der when Scott man­aged to take the lead on the open­ing lap. Matthew Stub­ing­ton also had a good run af­ter start­ing from the sixth row of the grid, mak­ing it up to fourth be­fore suc­cess­fully chal­leng­ing An­drew Thorpe for third on the fi­nal lap. Stub­ing­ton was later pe­nalised 10 sec­onds for a jumped start and dropped to sixth.

Adam Shep­herd took dou­ble vic­to­ries in the M3 Cup af­ter man­ag­ing to win the first by over­tak­ing Brian Chandler into Redgate and con­trol­ling the pace in the morn­ing race. In the af­ter­noon, Shep­herd pulled off a sim­i­lar win, over­tak­ing both Mark An­der­son and Kevin Den­gate at the start. Luke Sedzikowski was also mak­ing moves in the se­cond race, get­ting into third af­ter Den­gate ran wide into the first cor­ner. The next lap he went for se­cond, mak­ing use of An­der­son’s poor run out of Redgate to make the move stick into Hol­ly­wood.

James Bark won the first Clio 182 race on Sun­day, af­ter a late chal­lenge from Ge­orge Wil­liams go­ing through Old Hair­pin and Mcleans. Bark was able to hold on though, with Wil­liams drop­ping back af­ter an op­por­tunis­tic move from Philip Wright at the fi­nal chi­cane. In the se­cond race Bark was on a come­back drive af­ter los­ing po­si­tions in a scrap for se­cond, man­ag­ing to sal­vage se­cond place be­hind Pa­trick Fletcher, who took the win, and ahead of Don de Graaff.

Paul Smith took two wins in For­mula Vee. Smith won ahead of Gra­ham Gant and Craig Pol­lard in the first race af­ter con­trol­ling the pace from pole, while Pol­lard bat­tled for se­cond with Gant. In the se­cond race Smith fin­ished ahead of John Hughes and James Har­ridge.

In the Stock Hatch races, it was Paul Jarvis and Ryan Pol­ley who took vic­tory in the first and se­cond races re­spec­tively. There was a nice scrap in the se­cond race be­tween the pair, as they ran nose-to-tail and pulled off ag­gres­sive de­fen­sive moves through Redgate and Mcleans.

It was Matthew Howarth who took the win from Neil Stringfel­low by 8.9 sec­onds in the Hot Hatch race. In the se­cond race how­ever, Tom Bell was able to win from Alis­tair Camp and Howarth, af­ter a nice come­back drive through the field.

Will Sharpe won the Su­per Cooper Cup ahead of Stephen Rose and Caro­line Gil­bert.

In the se­cond race on Satur­day it was again Rose from Gil­bert, with Martin Hath­away tak­ing the fi­nal top three po­si­tion.

Ja­son Wil­liams won the Armed Forces Chal­lenge race ahead of Dar­ren Howe af­ter mak­ing use of track po­si­tion dur­ing the pit­stop phase as even­tual third­placed finisher Ed Mckean lost the lead.

The Toy­ota MR2 grid was so large the en­try had to split into three groups.

In the Group A v C race Kris­tian White won ahead of Jim Davies. Michael Wells took third po­si­tion.

In Group B v C Davies won ahead of Alex Knight and Cam Wal­ton, while the Group A v B race was won by White ahead of Ben Rowe and Mick Ni­cholls.

1 Ed Pither (PRS 1b) 13m13.67s (88.45mph); 2 Robin Gear­ing (Darvi P88) +13.94s; 3 Bill Cow­ley (Cow­ley MKIV); 4 Peter Bove (Darki Mk4/5); 5 Chris Gough (CGR2 Evo); 6 Bob Simp­son (SS/ F 750F). Fastest lap Pither 1m16.75s (91.47mph). Pole Pither. Starters 14.

1 Pither 14m40.32s (87.72mph); 2 Cow­ley +16.12s; 3 Bove; 4 Gough; 5 Mark Glover (Racek­its Fal­con); 6 Simp­son. FL Pither 1m17.72s (90.32mph). P Cow­ley. S 11.

1 Martin Dep­per (Cen­taur Mk4) 15m22.36s (68.50mph); 2 Tre­for Slat­ter (Cen­taur Mk11) +14.04s; 3 Tim Grigsby (Mer­lin); 4 Chris Hop­kins (HCS Tro­phy); 5 John Skeav­ing­ton (Austin Ul­ster); 6 Ian Grant (Austin 7 Pigsty Spe­cial). Class win­ner Skeav­ing­ton. FL Slat­ter 1m38.14s (71.53mph). P Hop­kins. S 10.

1 Ben Demetriou/jonathan Evans (Porsche 968) 2hrs00m39.54s (82.42mph); 2 Andy Marston/ Brett Evans (BMW E46 M3) +57.70s; 3 Leighton Nor­ris (Toy­ota Su­per GT); 4 Neville An­der­son/al­lan Gib­son (Toy­ota Su­per GT); 5 Steve Hew­son/ Neal Martin (Peu­geot 106 GTI/ VW Caddy); 6 Liam Crilly/jonny Macgre­gor (Mazda RX-8). CW An­der­son/ Gib­son; Crilly/ Macgre­gor; Paul Aram/ Rui Fer­reira (Cater­ham 7). FL An­der­son/ Gib­son 1m19.66s (88.12mph). P Marston/ B Evans. S 22.

1 Ian Allee (Lo­cost) 14m51.88s (78.71mph); 2 Danny An­drew +1.91s; 3 Richard Bradley; 4 Garry Bran­don; 5 Steve Pad­dock; 6 Jack Coveney. FL An­drew 1m27.30s (80.41mph). P Coveney. S 35.

1 An­drew 10m34.77s (77.41mph); 2 Tim Neat +0.45s; 3 Allee; 4 Coveney; 5 Lee Emm; 6 Ben Powney. FL An­drew 1m28.21s (79.58mph). P Emm. S 30.

1 Matt Rozier (Peu­geot 205GTI) 11m44.16s (79.75mph); 2 Lee Scott (Ford Fi­esta XR2I) +1.98s; 3 Ed­ward Cooper (Vaux­hall Nova GSI); 4 Matthew Stub­ing­ton (Peu­geot 205GTI); 5 Ben­jamin Leach (Ford Fi­esta XR2I); 6 Paul Thorpe (Ford Fi­esta XR2). FL Rozier 1m26.47s (81.18mph). P Scott. S 23.

1 Scott 14m29.79s (79.79mph); 2 Rozier +0.16s; 3 An­drew Thorpe (Citroen AX GTI); 4 P Thorpe; 5 Cooper; 6 Stub­ing­ton. FL Rozier 1m26.75s (80.92mph). P Scott. S 23. 6 Peter Isherwood. CW Sharpe (Mini Cooper S). FL Shep­herd 1m17.95s (90.06mph). P Shep­herd. S 15.

1 James Bark (Re­nault Clio 182) 15m28.52s (83.16mph); 2 Philip Wright +3.12s; 3 Pa­trick Fletcher; 4 Ge­orge Wil­liams; 5 Don de Graaff; 6 Trevor Gre­gory. FL Fletcher 1m23.42s (84.15mph). P Bark. S 21.

1 Fletcher 15m34.55s (82.63mph); 2 Bark +0.74s; 3 De Graaff; 4 Wright; 5 Wil­liams; 6 Martin Ward. FL Bark 1m23.69s (83.88mph). P Bark. S 21.

1 Paul Smith (AHS Dom­i­na­tor) 14m54.28s (86.35mph); 2 Gra­ham Gant (WEV FV01) +8.28s; 3 Craig Pol­lard (Bears GAC); 4 Paul Tay­lor (Bears GAC); 5 James Har­ridge (Mav­er­ick Vee); 6 Ian Bux­ton (GAC Daghorn). CW Har­ridge. FL Bux­ton 1m19.97s (87.78mph). P Smith. S 23. 1 Smith 15m04.53s (83.54mph); 2 John Hughes (Scarab Mk5) +9.38s; 3 Har­ridge; 4 Harry Webb (AHS Dom­i­na­tor); 5 Jack Wilkinson (Sheane Mk3); 6 Gant. CW Har­ridge. FL Bux­ton 1m19.57s (88.22mph). P Smith. S 22.

1 Matthew Howarth (Vaux­hall Astra GSI) 10m04.90s (81.24mph); 2 Neil Stringfel­low (Peu­geot 206 GTI) +8.97s; 3 Paul Jarvis (Citroen Saxo VTR); 4 Ryan Pol­ley (Citroen Saxo VTR); 5 Phil Law (Citroen Saxo VTR); 6 Wil­liam Hunt (Citroen Saxo VTR). CW Stringfel­low; Jarvis; Adam Read (BMW Compact). FL Howarth 1m23.64s (83.93mph). P Tom Bell (Ford Fi­esta ST). S 17.

1 Bell 15m09.09s (84.94mph); 2 Alis­tair Camp (Ford Fi­esta ST) +2.20s; 3 Howarth; 4 David Allen (Ford Fi­esta ST); 5 Pol­ley; 6 Jarvis. FL Bell 1m19.33s (88.49mph). CW Allen; Pol­ley; Mac Mccarthy (Ford Fi­esta ST). P Howarth. S 17.

1 Ja­son Wil­liams (BMW M3) 40m42.71s (74.72mph); 2 Dar­ren Howe (VW Golf) +48.79s; 3 Ed Mckean (BMW 325i); 4 Chris Wood (BMW 325i); 5 Grant Hat­field (Mini Cooper S); 6 Dan Ted­stone (Honda Civic Type-r). CW Howe; Chris Sla­tor (Peu­geot 306 GTI). FL Wil­liams 1m21.93s (85.68mph). P Mckean. S 25.

vic­to­ries in the Miche­lin Clio Cup. In the first race, Brett Lid­sey soon dropped back but re­tained se­cond through­out, de­spite in­ter­mit­tent chal­lenges from Sa­muel Ran­don.

Daniel Kirby and Luke Pin­der had a good duel for fourth un­til Kirby got side­ways at Cas­cades and Pin­der picked up a track lim­its penalty, which handed the place to Tom Bar­ley.

Lid­sey was a soli­tary se­cond again in race two once Dor­lin was over the hori­zon, while Pin­der com­pleted the podium af­ter Kirby ran wide at Old Hall on lap four.

Nick Dunn man­aged to con­sol­i­date his lead in the first Max5 race af­ter sneak­ing ahead of Richard Bre­land. The lead quar­tet had paired off early on, which left Chris Web­ster de­fend­ing third from Rus­sell Tam­plin af­ter they had ex­changed on lap two.

Dunn man­aged to hold his lead, while Bre­land, Web­ster and Tam­plin all held sta­tion, leav­ing Steve Dol­man to gain the up­per­hand over Ge­off Gouriet for fifth with a lap to go.

Bre­land led again at the start of the se­cond race but kept the door firmly closed as Dunn looked for the gap again. They were able to ease clear as Web­ster, again in third, had Dol­man and Tam­plin inches be­hind. But Bre­land’s re­ward for his race one de­feat was com­plete. “His pace was re­lent­less once he had beat me into the first cor­ner,” said Dunn.

Tam­plin was into fourth at Cas­cades on lap six and threat­ened Web­ster again, be­fore Dol­man briefly split them on lap nine. Web­ster just held on for his se­cond podium, from Tam­plin, Dol­man and Gouriet.

From a four-car bat­tle into the fi­nal stages, 2CV leg­end Pete Spar­row claimed an­other vic­tory with a lap to go. Matthew Hollis had his share of the lead but had to set­tle for se­cond, sur­viv­ing late pres­sure from Thomas Perry, af­ter Steven Wal­ford had gone off at Knicker­brook on the last lap.

Kris Tovey led for most of race two and was de­clared the win­ner when a shunt at Druids brought an early end. Lien Davies and Mick Storey com­pleted the podium.

Al­though Adrian Wray was a dou­ble win­ner in the MG Own­ers Club, his vic­to­ries dif­fered greatly. In race one he led from pole and spent most of the race with An­drew Roger­son inches from his ZR’S tail­gate. They re­mained un­changed but Adam Jack­son was al­lowed to close pe­ri­od­i­cally too in third, leav­ing David Mel­lor to fend off Si­mon Ken­drick and Mark Baker’s Fs for fourth.

It was Roger­son head­ing Wray from the start of race two, but a track limit penalty left Roger­son down in sev­enth, de­spite his ZR lead­ing when the race was red flagged af­ter a mul­ti­ple shunt at Cas­cades.

Jack­son and Martin Wills’ F were in the mix too, with Wills just gain­ing se­cond place, only to lose it on count­back at the red flag.

It was plain sail­ing for de­fend­ing cham­pion Joe Spencer as his Stu­art Tay­lor Lo­cosaki took a lights-to-flag win in the CNC Heads North West Sports/sa­loons race. Rod­die Pater­son’s Cater­ham had over­heat­ing prob­lems and sur­ren­dered se­cond to Dave Har­vey’s Lo­cosaki on lap four, but he soon re­cov­ered as both he and Nick Cress­well’s Cater­ham de­moted Har­vey to fourth.

Pater­son was forced to re­tire on lap nine, leav­ing Cress­well to grad­u­ally con­sol­i­date his ad­van­tage over Har­vey for se­cond.


Jock Arm­strong/paula Swin­scoe Garry Pear­son/rob­bie Mitchell Shaun Sin­clair/ Kirsty Rid­dick Mike Faulkner/peter Foy Mark Mccul­loch/michael Hendry Bruce Mccom­bie/michael Coutts Dale Robert­son/stu­art Loudon Don­nie Macdon­ald/paul Beaton Barry Ground­wa­ter/neil Shanks An­drew Gal­lacher/jane Ni­col

Demetriou and Evans’s Porsche Bell was a Hot Hatch win­ner

Lo­cost se­ries fea­tured packed grids yet again

Sut­ton took a vic­tory and a third at Oul­ton

Arm­strong/swin­scoe tied with Pear­son but took win Garry Pear­son: Fi­esta R5

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