Pither takes a dou­ble in 750 For­mula se­ries, but three-car fights en­liven the con­test

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Ed Pither took a dom­i­nant dou­ble vic­tory in the open­ing 750 For­mula races of the sea­son at Don­ing­ton, ahead of Robin Gear­ing in what was a thrilling duel through­out the first race.

While Gear­ing was able to take the lead in the open­ing stages, Pither chal­lenged for the top spot later and took it into the fi­nal chi­cane.

He then stretched the gap to the tune of 13.9 sec­onds at the che­quered flag.

Bill Cow­ley was also onto the back of Gear­ing at this stage, siz­ing him up into Redgate and through Hol­ly­wood.

His power dis­ad­van­tage on the straights was hurt­ing his abil­ity to catch up, which sealed his fate.

In the se­cond race, Gear­ing and Pither man­aged to get ahead of Cow­ley in the open­ing stages, but their bat­tling cost them time and brought Cow­ley back into play. Af­ter a rather NASCARstyle mo­ment from Cow­ley, who bump-drafted Gear­ing down the Wheatcroft Straight, he made his move for se­cond on the next lap, where he was able to sling­shot into the chi­cane and over­take a more cau­tious Gear­ing.

Cow­ley then de­fended with all his might, mak­ing his rather nar­row Cow­ley MKIV as wide as he could. Gear­ing was close com­ing through the Old Hair­pin on the fi­nal lap, and tried a move on the in­side of Mcleans but it wasn’t enough, which al­lowed Cow­ley to hold on to se­cond.

Post-race scru­ti­neer­ing found that Gear­ing’s rear wing was too high, which meant he was dis­qual­i­fied and pro­moted Peter Bove to third place.

Martin Dep­per won the 750 Tro­phy race ahead of Tre­for Slat­ter and Tim Grigsby. Grigsby and Chris Hop­kins traded third through­out the fi­nal five laps with the for­mer get­ting the nod.

1 Ge­orge Sut­ton 16m38.520s (72.22mph); 2 Oliver Will­mott +2.809s; 3 Mat­teo Zanetti; 4 Ed­ward Moore; 5 Adam Batty; 6 Ethan Ham­mer­ton. Fastest lap Zanetti 1m49.014s (73.50mph). Pole Moore. Starters 23.

1 Zanetti 16m33.113s (72.62mph); 2 Moore +2.376s; 3 Sut­ton; 4 Batty; 5 Char­lie Kennedy; 6 Will­mott. FL Zanetti 1m48.861s (73.61mph). P Moore. S 22.

Miche­lin Clio Cup (12 laps) 1 James Dor­lin 19m29.675s (82.21mph); 2 Brett Lid­sey +10.765s; 3 Sa­muel Ran­don; 4 Tom Bar­ley; 5 Luke Pin­der; 6 Daniel Kirby. Class win­ner Sarah Franklin. FL Dor­lin 1m35.891s (83.56mph). P Dor­lin. S 12.


The com­bined Lotus Cup and Elise cat­e­gories pro­vided their usual high qual­ity en­ter­tain­ment with new­comer to the se­ries Adam Mackay tak­ing a pair of dom­i­nate de­but vic­to­ries.

“I knew I had to beat Ja­son Baker to the first cor­ner as he was faster through the Bomb Hole and Co­ram,” said Mackay who just man­aged to get his nose in front at the open­ing turn.

The Scot­tish new­comer then con­trolled the race to run out a de­lighted vic­tor. He was helped when Baker was given a driv­ethrough penalty for a non-work­ing transpon­der. This dropped him down the field and into a tight bat­tle for sixth place with An­drew Wright, who man­aged to hold his place with some spir­ited de­fen­sive driv­ing.

On the fi­nal cor­ner, Fred­die Hether­ing­ton was un­seated from the lead in the Elise Tro­phy when Stu­art Rat­cliff ’s chase paid div­i­dends. “I’m an­noyed with my­self for leav­ing a gap,” ad­mit­ted Hether­ing­ton.

A re­verse grid plus 45kg of suc­cess bal­last didn’t hin­der Mackay in the least as the race one win­ner eas­ily made it a dou­ble. His only real prob­lem came at the open­ing cor­ner. “It was may­hem,” said the win­ner on the podium. “I went onto the grass to avoid the melee and some­how ended up in fourth.”

This left David Mcin­ulty at the head of the field but he was soon squeezed down the or­der, with Adam Knight hold­ing off Ryan Sav­age with Mackay look­ing ram­pant on their tails. On the fifth lap Sav­age was de­moted to se­cond, with Mackay tak­ing the lead four laps later and Sav­age also sneak­ing by Knight.

As Mackay serenely mo­tored to vic­tory Knight re­asserted him­self over Sav­age but, in the clos­ing stages, handed the po­si­tion back. “Stupidly I out­braked my­self into Mon­treal,” ex­plained Knight. Mean­while, Adam Balon was work­ing hard to haul in the se­cond place bat­tle and with a de­mon last lap man­aged to af­fect a late chal­lenge,

1 Dor­lin 19m28.188s (82.31mph); 2 Lid­sey +9.232s; 3 Pin­der; 4 Kirby; 5 Bar­ley; 6 Ben Palmer. CW Franklin. FL Dor­lin 1m35.778s (83.66mph). P Dor­lin. S 11.

1 Nick Dunn 20m58.290s (76.42mph); 2 Richard Bre­land +5.948s; 3 Chris Web­ster; 4 Rus­sell Tam­plin; 5 Steve Dol­man; 6 Ge­off Gouriet. CW Ben Hancy. FL Bre­land 1m42.856s (77.91mph). P Dunn. S 27. 1 Bre­land 20m48.987s (76.99mph); 2 Dunn +0.993s; 3 Web­ster; 4 Tam­plin; 5 Dol­man; 6 Gouriet. CW Guy Carter. FL Dunn 1m42.734s (78.00mph). P Dunn. S 26.

2CV Parts.com Clas­sic (10 laps) 1 Peter Spar­row 21m38.951s (61.69mph); 2 Matthew Hollis +0.173s; 3 Thomas Perry; 4 Nick Crispin; 5 Peter Run­dle; 6 San­dro Proi­etti. FL Proi­etti 2m06.823s (63.18mph). P Spar­row. S 17. 1 Kris Tovey 17m56.481s (59.55mph); 2 Lien Davies +0.709s; 3 Mick Storey; 4 Paul Tay­lor; 5 Si­mon Crook; 6 Jim Hen­shaw. FL Davies 2m07.396s (62.90mph). P Davies. S 17.

MG Own­ers Club (12 laps) 1 Adrian Wray (ZR) 20m46.748s (77.13mph); 2 An­drew Roger­son (ZR) +7.350s; 3 Adam Jack­son (ZR); 4 David Mel­lor (ZR); 5 Si­mon Ken­drick (F); 6 Mark Baker (F). CW Ken­drick; Jim Bay­nam (B). FL Wray 1m42.688s (78.03mph). P Wray. S 23.

which was re­pulsed by Knight. In the Elise, Tro­phy Rat­cliff was able to make an early break to se­cure an easy se­cond vic­tory.

De­spite a flat sound­ing en­gine, Alan Hogg romped to a com­fort­able open­ing All­com­ers vic­tory, while 17-year-old Jack Manch­ester gave valiant chase. Mike Roberts carved through the field to lock out the podium for the sportscars while the lead­ing sa­loon run­ner, Luke Ar­miger, was knocked out of fourth by an er­rant back­marker al­low­ing Kevin Wil­liams to take the po­si­tion af­ter an ear­lier mishap.

Hogg ran off into the dis­tance once more in race two but, mid-race, was pulled into the pits for his car mak­ing ex­ces­sive noise. This al­lowed the re­cov­er­ing Manch­ester, af­ter ro­tat­ing at Mon­treal, to weave by the late-start­ing Lotus of David Mcin­ulty and the two Cater­hams of An­thony Ben­nett and Wil­liams, to take the win.

The open­ing Mono­posto 200

1 Wray 12m32.105s (74.58mph); 2 Jack­son +0.158s; 3 Martin Wills (F); 4 Ken­drick; 5 Baker; 6 Mel­lor. CW Wills; Bay­nam. FL Wills 1m44.574s (76.63mph). P Wray. S 21.

Chal­lenge race fell to Ben Cater, who led from lights to flag, while David Gil­lett closed in to­wards the end when the leader backed off to save his tyres. James Wil­liams looked com­fort­able in third un­til he rolled to a halt, al­low­ing Chris Levy to take the po­si­tion af­ter re­cov­er­ing from a mid-race spin.

Race two pro­duced the same re­sult with win­ner Cater again slow­ing mid-race to bring his tyres back in be­fore an­other late push, while Henry Chart’s ex­cur­sion at the open­ing cor­ner stopped him from chal­leng­ing Kevin Coul­ing for fourth place.

1 Adam Mackay (Ex­ige V6 Cup) 30m39.806s (89.29mph); 2 Ryan Sav­age (2-Eleven) +9.966s; 3 Adam Gore (Ex­ige V6 Cup); 4 Adam Knight (Ex­ige V6 Cup); 5 Adam Balon (Ex­ige V6 Cup); 6 An­drew Wright (Ex­ige S1 Honda). Class win­ners Sav­age; Stu­art Rat­cliff (Elise Cup R). FL Mackay 1m16.541s (93.31mph). P Ja­son Baker (Elise S2 Honda). S 28. 1 Mackay 31m14.694s (91.43mph); 2 Sav­age +9.585s; 3 Knight; 4 Balon; 5 Wright; 6 Steven Train (2-Eleven). CW Sav­age; Rat­cliff. P Rob My­ers (Ex­ige). S 27. (Cater­ham CRS). FL Hogg 1m12.877s (98.00mph). P Hogg. S 17. 1 Manch­ester 20m18.235s (87.94mph); 2 Wil­liams +13.641s; 3 An­thony Ben­nett (Cater­ham R300); 4 Mcin­ulty; 5 Jamie Goddard (Mazda MX-5 Mk3); 6 Colin Halls (Toy­ota MR2). FL Hogg 1m13.414s (97.29mph). P Hogg. S 13.


41m17s +0s +7s +45s +1m47s +2m03s +2m09s +2m35s +2m37s +2m46s


Car­wyn Evans/dy­lan John Wil­liams took a clear win on the Rali Llyn as they fin­ished 30 sec­onds ahead of a highly com­pet­i­tive field. This was the driver’s first win on the event in 12 years.

Ar­wel Jones/iwan Jones had built up a lead of 27 sec­onds but they were then forced out with en­gine mal­adies. Gareth Rhys Jones/aron Jones just held off a se­cond-half charge from last year’s win­ners Kevin Kerr/ Huw Rhys Man­ion to se­cure the run­ner-up spot.

At Petrol, Shon Roberts/dion Mor­ley held a huge lead in the Semi-ex­pert class but their Ford Es­cort broke a drive­shaft in the se­cond half and they were out.

Martin Lloyd/rob Lloyd won the John Rob­son Navigational and Andy Lane/ Richard Crozier the Hex­ham His­toric event.

Ed Pither (1), ahead of his ri­vals Gear­ing (85) and Cow­ley

Mackay took dou­ble win

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