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Or­gan­iser: BARC York­shire Cen­tre When: May 7/8 Starters: 111

An­other week and an­other Scott Mo­ran-dom­i­nated Bri­tish Hill­climb round, only this time with­out any hill records. Af­ter trounc­ing all at Craigant­let in North­ern Ire­land the week­end be­fore, Mo­ran took his form to Hare­wood with two more wins and he again saved best un­til last with Best Time of the Day on the fi­nal run-off of the week­end.

Man of the meet­ing, how­ever, was Richard Sped­ding in the lit­tle Rap­tor. Sped­ding has come into his own in the Graeme Wight Ju­nior-built pro­jec­tile. In the first run-off he dis­placed Mo­ran’s near­est com­peti­tor Trevor Wil­lis, and fin­ished third be­hind that duo in the fi­nal en­counter.

Will Hall’s car again twice stopped and Paul Haimes suf­fered fuel pres­sure is­sues that caused forced shut­downs.

Af­ter re­cent suc­cesses, David Uren suf­fered a qual­i­fy­ing ex­clu­sion for ex­ceed­ing the fi­nal-bend track lim­its that have been in place for many years and then he had an off in the sec­ond qual­i­fy­ing rounds.

Show­ing well from the 1600 class was Ed Hol­lier, who is keen to gain a num­ber at the end of the sea­son, as well as aim for the class-based MSA Hill­climb Lead­ers ti­tle. Un­for­tu­nately for Hol­lier, in ad­di­tion to be­ing beaten in his own class by Sped­ding, last year’s win­ner Colin Satchell from the Mod­i­fied Se­ries Pro­duc­tion class dom­i­nated the Lead­ers places again. He went un­der his old class record twice hav­ing lost it for a mere 30 sec­onds when lo­cal driver Sarah Bos­worth went un­der his morn­ing mark.

Also in the 1600cc class, Sean Gould had his best meet­ing for 25 years in the Gould GR59 fac­tory devel­op­ment car. Co-driver Eynon Price did a per­fect 360 spin at Clarke’s yet con­tin­ued for a rea­son­able if score­less time. Sped­ding’s co-driver for the week­end, Steve Marr, scored points and Hare­wood spe­cial­ist Oli Tom­lin had his best day of 2016. Tina Hawkes scored her maiden Bri­tish points.

In the 13-car round six, hav­ing the same qual­i­fy­ing time as Steve Owen, long-time com­peti­tor Tony Hunt got into his first Bri­tish run off.


Round five: 1 Scott Mo­ran (3.5 Gould-nme GR61X) 49.22s; 2 Richard Sped­ding (1.6 Gwr-suzuki Rap­tor) 49.50s; 3 Trevor Wil­lis (3.2 OMS-RPE 28) 49.66.s; 4 Ed Hol­lier (1.6 Em­pire-suzuki 00 Evo) 50.65s; 5 Oli Tom­lin (4.0 Pil­beam-judd MP97) 51.54s; 6 Sean Gould (1.6 GouldSuzuki GR59) 51.67s; 7 Ja­son Mourant (4.0 Gould-judd GR55) 52.55s; 8 Si­mon Fi­doe (1.0 Em­pire-suzuki Wraith) 53.90s; 9 Lee Grif­fiths (1.3s Oms-suzuki 25) 53.93s; 10 Tina Hawkes (1.6 Force-suzuki PC) 54.17s; 11 Eynon Price (1.6 Gould-suzuki GR59) 55.89s; 12 Will Hall (2.0 Force-aer/ Xtec WH) DNF.

Round six: 1 Mo­ran 49.00s BTD; 2 Wil­lis 49.11s; 3 Sped­ding 49.35s; 4 Hol­lier 50.34s; 5 Gould 51.85s; 6 Tom­lin 51.86s; 7 Mourant 52.00s; 8 Price 52.74s; 9 Steve Marr (1.6 GWRSuzuki Rap­tor) 52.78s; 10 Gra­ham Wynn (1.3t ForceSuzuki PC) 52.99s; 11 Fi­doe 53.91s; 12 Tony Hunt (3.5 Gould-cos­worth GR55) 54.14s; 13 Steve Owen (OMS-BMW 28) 54.43s.

Class win­ners An­thony Record (1.8 Pro­ton Coupe) 76.11s; Stephen Moore (2.0t Mit­subishi Lancer E6) 62.96s record; Al­lan War­bur­ton (2.5 Cater­ham-du­ratec) 61.93s; Eric Mor­rey (1.0 Hill­man Imp) 66.11s record; Colin Satchell (2.0 Peu­geot 205) 60.13s; Mick Lan­cashire (2.0 Avon Sprint) 62.85s; Len Amy (2.0 Mal­lock MK32) 56.40s; Al­lan Mcdon­ald (2.4t Mor­ris Mini Evo) 59.45s; Fi­doe 53.60s; Sped­ding 50.00s; Tim Elmer (2.0 Dal­lara-tkd F303) 54.73s; John Chacks­field (1.3s Oms-suzuki 28) 53.49s; Mo­ran 49.44s. Points af­ter round 6/34 1 Mo­ran 60; 2 Wil­lis 43; 3 Sped­ding 29; 4 Dave Uren 25; 5 Hol­lier 21; 6 Gould 18.

Sped­ding was one of the stars of the week­end

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