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De­tails for the 2017 Ginetta Ju­nior Schol­ar­ship have been an­nounced. It will keep its three-day for­mat, with two qual­i­fi­ca­tion days and the top 10 driv­ers from each of these will go through to the fi­nal as­sess­ment day. It will take place at Bly­ton Park in Lin­colnshire this year, as the reg­u­lar Bed­ford Au­to­drome venue was un­avail­able. It will be held from Oc­to­ber 24-26 and, as well as driv­ing, ap­pli­cants will have their fit­ness and me­dia skills as­sessed.

On a blis­ter­ing week­end in North Wales, Harry Thomp­son took a brace of MSA Bri­tish Cadet wins. He passed Joseph Tay­lor in the clos­ing stages of the open­ing fi­nal and then edged out Bray Ken­neally in a ti­tanic last-lap tus­sle to seal the dou­ble.

Af­ter trad­ing the lead with Tay­lor, Welsh cham­pion Jonny Wilkin­son and Alex Sim­monds dur­ing a fran­tic open­ing five laps around the un­du­lat­ing GYG cir­cuit, Thomp­son and Ken­neally were able to break away with Ken­neally pulling off an in­cred­i­ble last-lap pass around the out­side of turn seven to seem­ingly seal vic­tory.

How­ever, just two cor­ners later Thomp­son man­aged to squeeze to the in­side of Ken­neally go­ing into the Devils El­bow to re­take the lead.

The week­end also saw the de­but of the new for 2016 MSA KZ1 Cham­pi­onship, with wins for Scott Allen and lo­cal ace John Pike. Allen made a scorch­ing start to fi­nal one, pass­ing Pike on the open­ing lap but in the sec­ond fi­nal Pike was able to over­haul his ri­val and keep a safe dis­tance to win at his home track.

The re­mark­able re­cov­ery of the TKM Ex­treme class con­tin­ued with a mon­strous 50-kart en­try. Phil Smith looked to have se­cured a dou­ble win only to lose the sec­ond fi­nal when he came in un­der­weight, which left de­fend­ing cham­pion Matt Eng­land to tri­umph.

In the Ju­nior TKM races, there were half a dozen driv­ers con­tend­ing for the win.

Bradley White won fi­nal one but he spun on the last lap of fi­nal two while chas­ing down de­but Su­per One win­ner Adam Spar­row.

Ben Kasper­czak and Alex Eades shared the hon­ours in two dra­matic Cadet Honda fi­nals, while Gor­don Mutch and Matt Davies scored dou­bles in Ju­nior X30 and Se­nior X30 re­spec­tively.


Cadet IAME (16 laps) 1 Harry Thomp­son (Fu­sion/ Syn­ergy); 2 Joseph Tay­lor (Fu­sion/ Syn­ergy) +0.14s; 3 Jonny Wilkin­son (KMS/ ZIP); 4 Alex Sim­monds (AIM/ ZIP); 5 Max Dodds (Fu­sion/ Syn­ergy); 6 Ge­orgi Dim­itrov (Fu­sion/ Syn­ergy). Heat win­ners Tay­lor Barnard (AIM/ ZIP), Tay­lor, Bray Ken­neally (AIM/ ZIP). Fastest lap Daniel Bolton (OWR/ Syn­ergy) 49.00s (50.30mph). Pole Kai Askey (Fu­sion/ Syn­ergy). Starters 41. Fi­nal two (16 laps) 1 Thomp­son; 2 Ken­neally +0.29s; 3 Tay­lor; 4 Dim­itrov; 5 Wilkin­son; 6 Sim­monds. FL Ken­neally 49.08s (50.14mph). KZ1 (19 laps) 1 Scott Allen (Jade Karts/ Gold); 2 John Pike (Pri­va­teer/ NJR Oc­tane) +1.22s; 3 Dan Kelly (AFR/ Birel ART); 4 Josh Smith (Pri­va­teer/ Birel ART); 5 Han­nah Lang (MK Rac­ing/tonykart). HW Kelly, Pike. FL Allen 41.82s (58.85mph). P Pike. S 5. Fi­nal two (19 laps) 1 Pike; 2 Allen +1.60s; 3 Kelly; 4 Smith; 5 Lang. FL Pike 41.91s (58.72mph). TKM Ex­treme (18 laps) 1 Phil Smith (Pre­ci­sion Rac­ing/ Tonykart); 2 Matt Eng­land (Tal-ko/tal-ko) +2.56s; 3 Kye Spring­field (Pri­va­teer/tonykart); 4 Kyle Sproat (Litchfield Mo­tor­sport/tonykart); 5 Matthew All­nutt (Twm/tonykart); 6 Matthew Tay­lor (Flex/tonykart). HW Smith x2, Paul Monks (Flex/tonykart). FL Harry Moore (Jade Karts/jade) 43.69s (56.33mph). P Rob Wallace (Pri­va­teer/ In­trepid).

S 52. Fi­nal two (18 laps) 1 Eng­land; 2 Sproat +0.71s; 3 All­nutt; 4 Monks; 5 Gemma Golba (Pri­va­teer/ DSG Marco); 6 Wallace. FL Wallace 43.78s (56.21mph). Ju­nior TKM (18 laps) 1 Bradley White (Pri­va­teer/ Tal-ko); 2 Adam Spar­row (Tal-ko/tal-ko) +0.15s; 3 Lee Whit­ting­ham (Tonykart); 4 Ian Sis­son (Pri­va­teer/jade); 5 Joe Fowler (Jade Karts/jade); 6 Ross Deal (Sjm/tonykart). HW Spar­row, White. FL Abbi Pulling (Tal-ko) 43.71s (56.30mph). P Fowler. S 20. Fi­nal two (18 laps) 1 Spar­row; 2 Pulling +0.14s; 3 Fowler; 4 Whit­ting­ham; 5 Sis­son; 6 Kurt Roberts (Jade). FL Pulling 43.67s (56.35mph). Cadet Honda (16 laps) 1 Ben Kasper­czak (BRK/ BRK); 2 Archie Brown (Pri­va­teer/ BRK) +0.06s; 3 Harry Thomp­son (CER/ Syn­ergy); 4 Archie Swin­scoe (BRK/ BRK); 5 Reg­gie Duhy (Pri­va­teer/ Syn­ergy); 6 Alex Eades (Global/ ZIP). HW Kasper­czak, Thomp­son, Duhy. FL James Walker (HTR/ Syn­ergy) 49.31s (49.91mph). P Eades. S 42. Fi­nal two (16 laps) 1 Eades; 2 Wes­ley Mason (Pro­ject One) +0.61s; 3 Thomp­son; 4 Duhy; 5 Swin­scoe; 6 Kasper­czak. FL Thomp­son 49.37s (49.85mph). Ju­nior X30 (18 laps) 1 Gor­don Mutch (Clan Rac­ing/ Mad Croc); 2 Ethan Pitt (Jade Karts/ Gold) +0.68s; 3 An­gus Fen­der (Jade Karts/ Gold); 4 Oliver Greetham (S8 Rac­ing/ Alonso); 5 Har­ri­son Smith (Pri­va­teer/ MS); 6 Ali­cia Goundry (Goundry Girls/ Kos­mic). HW Mutch x2. FL Harry Mc­quil­lan (Pro­train/tonykart) 42.72s (57.61mph). P Mutch. S 16. Fi­nal two (18 laps) 1 Mutch; 2 Mc­quil­lan +1.49s; 3 Pitt; 4 Fen­der; 5 Greetham; 6 Dra­gan Pin­sent (DKR/ Tonykart). FL Mc­quil­lan 42.82s (57.47mph). Se­nior X30 (18 laps) 1 Matt Davies (Pri­va­teer/tonykart); 2 Brett Ward (MLC/ Mach 1) +2.46s; 3 Jack Par­tridge (Mel­liosport/ Gold); 4 Scott Mack­rell (Coles/tonykart); 5 Sam Marsh (Dhr/alonso); 6 Char­lie Turner (Pro­train/ Tonykart). HW Davies x2. FL Davies 42.29s (58.19mph). P Ward. S 15. Fi­nal two (18 laps) 1 Davies 12m 49.30s; 2 Ward +0.41s; 3 Marsh; 4 Turner; 5 Mack­rell; 6 Josh Collings (Dhr/alonso). FL Ward 42.46s (57.96mph).

Thomp­son took dou­ble

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