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Alex Comis was un­lucky to suf­fer his first Su­per Mighty Mini Chal­lenge de­feat of the year after an early stop­page in race two robbed him of his un­beaten record.

Race one went to plan, de­spite Adrian Tuck­ley oust­ing him for the lead into Redgate on the open­ing lap, but Comis was back in front a lap later. It re­mained like that through­out, with Tuck­ley hav­ing to re­claim sec­ond from Steve Maxted be­fore chas­ing Comis to the flag.

Tuck­ley had led from the start of the sec­ond race as well, with Comis tak­ing sec­ond from Ben But­ler at Redgate on lap four. He hunted down Tuck­ley and had just grabbed the lead into Redgate when the race was red flagged, plac­ing him back to sec­ond.

The Mighty Minis were even closer with Paul Inch, Stuart Coombs and Greg Jenk­ins wheel-to-wheel for most of the open­ing race, be­fore Jenk­ins claimed the race two spoils after a race-long scrap with Sam Tom­lin­son, Inch and Coombs.

Both Pre-’93 and 2003 Tour­ing Cars and Blue Oval races were eas­ily won by Ray West’s BMW M3, with Paul

1 Alex Comis; 2 Adrian Tuck­ley +0.529s; 3 Steve Maxted; 4 Steven Daw­son; 5 Steven Ride­out; 6 Ben But­ler. Class win­ner Paul Inch. Fastest lap Tuck­ley 1m30.265s (78.93mph). Pole Comis. Starters 25.

1 Tuck­ley; 2 Comis +0.337s; 3 Daw­son; 4 Maxted; 5 But­ler; 6 Ride­out. CW Greg Jenk­ins. FL Maxted 1m31.748s (77.65mph). P Comis. S 25.

1 Ray West (BMW M3); 2 Paul Bel­lamy (BMW M3) +11.608s; 3 AJ Owen (Honda Civic Type R); 4 David Hick­ton (BMW M3); 5 James Card (BMW M3); 6 Steven Bar­den (Honda Civic Type R). CW Owen; Card; Bar­den; Alan Ea­son (Ford Fi­esta XR2); Andrew Sher­a­ton (BMW 325i); Andrew Smith (Honda CRX). FL West 1m18.175s (91.13mph). P West. S 33.

1 West; 2 Bel­lamy +7.107s; 3 Hick­ton; 4 Simon Bea­ment (Ford Es­cort RS2000 Maxi); 5 Owen; 6 Card. CW Bea­ment; Card; Danny Cas­sar (Honda In­te­gra); John Edwards-par­ton (Ford Fi­esta XR2); Sher­a­ton; Smith. FL West 1m19.530s (89.58mph). P West. S 35.

Bel­lamy’s sim­i­lar car sec­ond through­out in both races.

After Kevin Bird’s Nis­san 200SX spun at Redgate and caused chaos on the open­ing lap of the Cas­tle Combe Sa­loons, Charles Hyde-an­drews-bird’s Re­nault Me­gane was left clear for a com­fort­able win. Pole­man Dave Scara­manga had been de­layed and re­joined via the gravel trap, but his VW Scirocco was still back in sec­ond by lap four, with Tony Dol­ley’s SEAT Leon third after a duel with Wil­liam di Clau­dio’s Peu­geot 106 GTI.

Andrew Har­ri­son’s Jaguar XJS was an­other dou­ble win­ner in the Pre-’66 Tour­ing/pre ’83 Group 1 Tour­ing and Pre 2005 Pro­duc­tion Tour­ing Cars. He led race one from lights-to-flag, pur­sued by David Howard’s XJ12, which fi­nally lost ground among back­mark­ers and was nearly caught by Stephen Primett’s Ford Es­cort.

Howard had the up­per hand in the sec­ond race un­til Har­ri­son’s pres­sure paid off at the Old Hair­pin on lap five, leav­ing the erst­while leader to suc­cess­fully fend off Primett again.

Gti); 5 Guy Parr (Ford Fi­esta); 6 James Blake (MG ZR). CW Di Clau­dio; Antony Weeks (Mazda RX8); Mark Sut­ton (MG ZR). FL Scara­manga 1m20.131s (88.91mph). P Scara­manga. S 15.

1 Andrew Har­ri­son (Jaguar XJS); 2 David Howard (Jaguar XJ12) +6.049s; 3 Stephen Primett (Ford Es­cort MK1); 4 Mark Os­borne (Tri­umph Dolomite Sprint); 5 Gary Parkes (Peu­geot 206 GTI); 6 Mostyn Rut­ter (Vaux­hall Firenza). CW Primett; G.parkes; Wil Arif (Alfa Romeo 145TS); Michael Sher­a­ton (BMW 325i); Mal­com Jeffs (Alfa Romeo Al­fa­sud); Andy Messham (Austin Mini Seven); Jeffrey Wind­sor (Ford Puma); Tony Pre­ston (Mor­ris Mi­nor); Gary Fletcher (Lo­tus Cortina); Steve Kir­ton (Ford Anglia); Stuart Rad­ford (Tri­umph 2000); Fred­die Brown (Hill­man Imp). FL Har­ri­son 1m21.790s (87.10mph). P Har­ri­son. S 33.

1 Har­ri­son; 2 Howard +13.006s; 3 Primett; 4 Os­borne; 5 G.parkes; 6 Adam Git­tings (Re­nault Clio 172). CW Primett; G Parkes; Arif; Messham; Peter Davies (Citroen Saxo); Pre­ston; Fletcher; Kir­ton; Brown; Rad­ford. FL Har­ri­son 1m21.874s (87.01mph). P Har­ri­son. S 32.

1 Dee­gan; 2 Deeth +9.772s; 3 Howard; 4 Wheeler; 5 James Coul­son; 6 Smith. FL Dee­gan 1m21.185s (87.75mph). P Dee­gan. S 11.

Pre-2003 Clas­sic VW & Thun­der Sa­loons (11 laps)

1 Dale Gent (Subaru Im­preza); 2 Andy Wil­son (Holden Monaro) +1.004s; 3 Andy Robey (BMW E36 M3); 4 Craig Rainer (Ford Es­cort RS2000 Mk2 Turbo); 5 Ian Frog­gatt (Subaru Im­preza); 6 Andy Thomp­son (Seat Toledo). CW Wil­son; Robey; Thomp­son; Ken Lark (VW Cor­rado); Dun­can Clarke (VW Golf); Peter Win­stone (Ford Es­cort MK1); Chris Mo­han (VW Golf GTI). FL Richard Wood (BMW M3 GTR) 1m13.233s (97.28mph). P Gent. S 27. Race two (10 laps) 1 Vaughan Fletcher (Subaru Im­preza); 2 Wil­son; 3 Robinson; 4 Robey; 5 Lee James Sturges (Seat Su­per­copa); 6 Andy Thomp­son (Seat Toledo). CW Wil­son; Rainer; Thomp­son; Tony Ab­solom (VW Golf); Mar­cus Reynolds (BMW E36 Turbo); Win­stone; Clarke; Mo­han. FL Wil­son 1m14.076s (96.18mph). P Gent. S 27.

Mini Seven Chal­lenge (10 laps) 1 Zach Booth; 2 Lewis Selby +1.989s; 3 Andrew Deviny; 4 Spencer Wanstall; 5 Char­lie Budd; 6 Gareth Hunt. CW Selby. FL Wanstall 1m29.396s (79.69mph). P

Race two (11 laps) Race two (10 laps)

nose-to-tail in fifth.

A late charge from Zach Booth net­ted vic­tory in the first Mini Seven race on the last lap, after Lewis Selby, Kieren Mcdon­ald and Andrew Deviny had bat­tled through­out. Selby re­tained sec­ond from Deviny and Spencer Wanstall, after Mcdon­ald pit­ted.

Selby got his re­ward in race two, hav­ing edged out Ash Davies on the third lap, they were joined by Wanstall to ar­rive at the chi­cane three-abreast on the last lap. Davies led out but was on the grass, al­low­ing Selby to win by 0.122s.

The ZRS of Adrian Wray and Adam Jack­son shared the MG Own­ers’ Club vic­to­ries, with each tak­ing a run­ner-up place too. Third place may have been dis­tant but pro­vided the ac­tion, with David Mel­lor just head­ing Martin Wills on the last lap of race one, after swap­ping through­out. Mel­lor also com­pleted the race two podium.

Kyle Reid just man­aged to keep Do­minic Wheat­ley at bay in the first Scot­tish Mini Cooper Cup race, but hopes of a sec­ond win were dashed after

Deviny. S 25. Race two (10 laps) 1 Selby; 2 Ash Davies +0.122s; 3 Wanstall; 4 Deviny; 5 Graeme Davis; 6 Tom San­der­son. CW James Bull. FL Wanstall 1m29, 634s (79.48mph). P A Davies. S 25.

MG Own­ers’ Club (15 laps) 1 Adrian Wray (ZR); 2 Adam Jack­son (ZR) +1.213s; 3 David Mel­lor (ZR); 4 Martin Wills (ZR); 5 Mark Baker (F); 6 Steve Wil­liams (ZR). CW Baker; Jim Bay­nam (B Road­ster). FL Mel­lor 1m24.085s (84.73mph). P Mel­lor. S 20.

Scot­tish Mini Cooper Cup (14 laps) 1 Kyle Reid; 2 Do­minic Wheat­ley +0.687s; 3 Mal­colm Mcnab; 4 Paul Bell; 5 Shane Stoney; 6 Rob­bie Dal­gleish. FL Wheat­ley 1m27.342s (81.57mph). P Wheat­ley. S 27.

CNC Heads North West Sports & Sa­loons (18 laps)

1 Paul Rose (Saker RAPX); 2 Joe Spencer (Stuart Taylor Lo­cosaki) +14.575s; 3 Steve Har­ris (Saker RAPX); 4 Ric Wood (BMW M3 GTR); 5 Paul

Dob­son (Mazda RX7); 6 Luke Ar­miger (Vaux­hall Ti­gra). CW Spencer; Dob­son; Ar­miger; Steven Parker (BMW Com­pact); Clive Dix (Ford Puma). FL Rose 1m09.549s (102.44mph). P Rose. S 36. Race two (14 laps) 1 Rose; 2 Har­ris +6.041s; 3 Wat­son; 4 Dob­son; 5 Ar­miger; 6 Dave Har­vey (Lo­cosaki). CW Dob­son; Har­vey; Paul Rotheroe (Citroen Xsara); Dix. FL Rose 1m10.828s (100.59mph). P Rose. S 30.

Porsche Club (18 laps) 1 Mark Mcaleer (996); 2 Pete Mor­ris (996) +0.385s; 3 Mike John­son (911 C2); 4 Chris Dyer (Cay­man S); 5 Richard El­lis (996); 6 Craig Wilkins 996). CW Andy Toon (Boxster S); John Gilmore (944 S2). FL Mor­ris 1m15.988s (93.76mph). P M.mcaleer. S 20. Race two (16 laps) 1 M.mcaleer; 2 Paul Win­ter (996); 3 Mor­ris; 4 John­son; 5 Wilkins; 6 El­lis. CW Toon; Gilmore. FL John­son 1m16.383s (93.27mph). P M.mcaleer. S 19.

Max5 (14 laps) 1 Nick Dunn; 2 Paul Rod­di­son +6.182s; 3 Geoff Gouriet; 4 Jonathan Hal­li­well; 5 Richard Bre­land; 6 Rus­sell Tam­plin. CW Rod­di­son; Ge­orge Snee. FL Hal­li­well 1m24.740s (84.07mph). P Dunn. S 28. Race two (10 laps) 1 Bre­land; 2 Dunn +1.802s; 3 Chris Web­ster; 4 John Munro; 5 Rod­di­son; 6 Gouriet. CW Rod­di­son; Andrew Bayliss. FL Bre­land 1m26.844s (82.03mph). P Dunn. S 28. a late charge took him into sec­ond at Redgate a lap from home. Shane Stoney led through­out, while Mal­colm Mcnab and Paul Bell came through to com­plete the top three, as Reid had con­tact and dropped to sixth.

There was a dou­ble too for Paul Rose’s Saker in the CNC Heads Sports Sa­loons. Rose headed the fast-start­ing Garry Wat­son from lap five, only for Wat­son’s West­field to run out of fuel a lap from home, hand­ing sec­ond to Joe Spencer’s Lo­cosaki, with Steve Har­ris’s Saker third.

It was a Saker one-two in race two with Rose head­ing home Har­ris, after both usurped Wat­son and Spencer, who had a ter­rific early lead duel. Wat­son held on to third, but Spencer re­tired with a blown en­gine.

Mark Mcaleer won both Porsche Club races, with Pete Mor­ris se­cur­ing a late sec­ond over Paul Win­ter in race one, be­fore roles were re­versed in race two.

In the Max5s Nick Dunn con­sol­i­dated his cham­pi­onship lead with a win in race one, and sec­ond to Richard Bre­land in race two.

with John Caud­well at Deene. Lang led for the first seven laps but an in­ter­mit­tent clutch is­sue brought about his re­tire­ment, to add to the throt­tle is­sue he suf­fered in race two. The re­sult was de­ter­mined by Burgess’s pit stop suc­cess penalty flip­ping the re­sult in favour of first-time win­ner Brian Caud­well. Wells was third.

Three dif­fer­ent driv­ers also sam­pled vic­tory in the Mini Chal­lenge Cooper S class. Steve Cocker struck first, cap­i­tal­is­ing when Rob Austin went off at Deene. Scot Adam repassed Cocker to lead row two, but was for­tu­nate to hold onto the win after skat­ing off on fluid: the race was red-flagged and the re­sults went back a lap. Scott Jeffs was the early leader of the re­versed-grid fi­nale but Tim Porter as­serted him­self at Tarzan on lap five and reeled out a 4s lead over Cocker. Max Bladon con­tin­ued his un­beaten sea­son in the Cooper divi­sion, but faced stern op­po­si­tion from Sam Weller, Josh Gollin and Brad Hutchi­son.

Nathan Har­ri­son fin­ished the week­end with a slen­der points lead after three in­trigu­ing Mini Chal­lenge JCW races, although Jono Brown hauled him­self into con­tention with two wins.

Har­ri­son was the on-the-road win­ner in race one, but he was pe­nalised for his clumsy move to get the lead away from Brett Smith at Tarzan mid-race, which also al­lowed Brown through.

Brown led race two from start-tofin­ish with Chris Smith sec­ond, while Char­lie But­ler-hen­der­son (tied on points with Har­ri­son com­ing into the week­end) con­tin­ued his steadily im­prov­ing week­end by pass­ing two ri­vals on Steel Straight on lap two.

Brett Smith got crossed up at Yent­wood on lap two of the fi­nal race, leav­ing name­sake Rob nowhere to go. Har­ri­son grate­fully ac­cepted the lead from CB-H, while ex-ff1600 star David Grady took third after Henry Neal biffed the Deene tyres. An ail­ing Brown was 16th with over­heat­ing is­sues.

Rac­ing Sa­loons leader Karl Cat­tliff out­braked him­self on lap three, drop­ping back to fifth in an M3 train and hand­ing Stuart Waite the ini­tia­tive. Nigel Innes had a great fifth lap, pass­ing Stephen Pear­son at Turn One and Waite at Brook to lead, but Cat­tliff crept up the or­der and took sec­ond at the be­gin­ning of lap eight. His late chal­lenges at Deene and Tarzan were to no avail, but he fin­ished 3s clear of third-placed Waite.

Cat­tliff clat­tered into Waite at Yent­wood at the start of race two, send­ing the for­mer into re­tire­ment. Waite sur­vived and climbed back to fourth, while Innes came out on top of a tight bat­tle with Pear­son.

Matt Swaf­fer took over at the top of the Pro­duc­tion BMW stand­ings from the ab­sent Harry Good­man with a brace of sec­ond places. He was de­feated in both races by Sax­max and Clio grad­u­ate Will Dav­i­son – the first a lights-to-flag ef­fort, the sec­ond more com­pli­cated after se­lect­ing fourth gear off the line and plung­ing to eighth. David Graves and Mark Palmer col­lided at Deene on lap two to al­low Dav­i­son to pick through to sec­ond, then he passed Swaf­fer there a lap later.

Jor­dan Witt (Bent­ley Con­ti­nen­tal) dom­i­nated the three GT Cup races, in­clud­ing the 50-minute en­duro when he had to over­come a 45-sec­ond pit-stop penalty and a safety car pe­riod. Richard Cham­ber­lain (Porsche 935) was sec­ond in the two sprints be­fore clutch is­sues in the fi­nale. In that one the run­ner-up spot was re­solved in the last few mo­ments when Marco Cioci got the Fer­rari 458 he shared with John Dhillon past Gareth Down­ing’s Lo­tus Evora at Brook.

Cato Poulsen, the 16-year-old Dane, will be­come more ac­com­plished at stand­ing starts but the For­mula Gulf cham­pion twice had to bounce back to take wins in the Mono Tiede­man Tro­phy races. James Drew-wil­liams led both con­tests in his ex-rob­bie Watts Lola, but was hauled in each time.

Kester Cook claimed his first Track­day Cham­pi­onship pole, and con­verted it into a win in his Fi­esta, but Dar­ren Goes (Seat Leon) led for a large chunk in be­tween, but was pe­nalised for a short pit-stop, had an off, and fi­nally parked on the pit straight, caus­ing a stop­page.

Comis took race one but lost sec­ond to a red flag

Nick Dunn (left) topped a tight Max5 field in race one

Fletcher’s Subaru took Thun­der Sa­loons win

Sam Sum­mer­hayes’ Miglia

Mcaleer was Porsche vic­tor

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