Copse/mag­gotts/ Beck­etts

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“It’s heavy brak­ing from high-speed into Copse, and trail-brak­ing is im­por­tant here. With mod­ern cars trail-brak­ing is im­por­tant and you can’t be quick with­out it. But it’s sur­pris­ing how much you can do in his­toric cars, not to the same de­gree due to the grip, but you can do it a lot.

“I’d trail-brake for most of the turns on the track, but at Copse you need to take the brak­ing into the cor­ner as it brings the weight trans­fer over the front and gives you grip. Copse is blind en­try, so you have to turn in slightly ear­lier and in­crease that steer­ing un­til you can see the apex.

“If you over­shoot one el­e­ment of Beck­etts, you’re out for the rest of it. It’s a fast en­try as the first righthander isn’t sharp, you have a brake and hold third gear. You must use the kerb on the left-hand el­e­ment if not, you’re on the wrong ra­dius.

“The exit of Chapel is im­por­tant. You want to re­lease the steer­ing lock and go right out to the right-hand­side, as you have less steer­ing on and can put more throt­tle on.”

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