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“It may be older, but there’s a lot of power in the Jag so we’ll be ar­riv­ing at Brook­lands north of 130mph and go­ing into heavy brak­ing. That’s tricky as you have no ABS, so heel-and-toe is es­sen­tial to not lock the rear axle. If you haven’t learnt heel-and-toe you have to add to your brak­ing dis­tance and bring the clutch out slower to com­pen­sate. In a mod­ern car it’s sim­ply hard brak­ing and let the elec­tron­ics help out.

“The clas­sic Brook­lands line is to turn in very late, but the later you turn in the slower you have to make the car at the apex. An early turn in means you can brake hard right up to the apex and get hard on the power for the squirt up to Luffield and keep tight right around the cor­ner be­cause if you drift wide you’re cov­er­ing much greater dis­tance. You’re also re­ly­ing heav­ily on the front-end grip, so hav­ing to turn tighter is mak­ing the weaker part of the car work even harder.

“Mod­ern cars change di­rec­tion very quickly, but his­toric cars can kick out into over­steer or un­der­steer far eas­ier. You have to spread the ac­tion and the load over greater time spans, so you get less un­wanted re­ac­tion and can carry more speed.”

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