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“This cor­ner is pretty sim­ple in a mod­ern car as down­force changes ev­ery­thing. With­out down­force your weight man­age­ment be­comes much more im­por­tant and we’re also on skinny Dun­lop tyres in the Jag, so you have to be con­fi­dent in slid­ing the car.

“To be fast in his­toric cars in the main you have to be slid­ing the car quite a lot, which is very dif­fer­ent to mod­ern cars where you don’t want to slide. High-speed brak­ing wants to be done in a straight line, so you ap­proach the cor­ner fast, and you do sur­pris­ingly lit­tle: it’s just a brush of the brakes down to third to set­tle the car for an early turn-in. A lot of driv­ers turn in late, but you tighten the cor­ner by do­ing that and it’s bet­ter to go in early and then run wide through Farm and the brake di­ag­o­nally back across for Vil­lage and into sec­ond gear.”

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