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Or­gan­iser: Wool­bridge Mo­tor Club When: July 30/31 Starters: 123

Sun­day was dis­as­trous for ti­tle chaser Trevor Wil­lis. His crash in the opener at Wis­combe Down was com­pounded by a win for Wal­lace Men­zies be­fore David Uren stunned with a maiden run-off vic­tory at the close of play.

With Scott Moran ab­sent at a wed­ding, Wil­lis was hop­ing for a max­i­mum score to close the gap at the top of the standings.

Best qual­i­fier for the first en­counter, he took to the hill as the fi­nal run­ner. His split times to the halfway point were up on the 11 com­pleted runs. But then the rightrear wheel broke up un­der load in the tricky un­du­lat­ing Esses and he was pitched into the bank, com­ing to a rest at Saw Bench. His day was done with the win go­ing to Men­zies, while Moran main­tained his cham­pi­onship ad­van­tage with­out turn­ing a wheel.

Dave Uren, who has been com­pet­ing on the hills since 1998, qual­i­fied fastest for the sec­ond shootout and, with a tough time to beat set by pre­vi­ous run­ner Men­zies, he put to­gether his best run at the tight Devon park­land venue.

Once Men­zies gets his hands on his new Gould-cosworth GR59M, Uren will take over Men­zies’ cur­rent Gould, which should in­crease the prospect of fur­ther wins from Uren.

Uren said: “I re­ally didn’t ex­pect that. At the end of Cas­tle straight I couldn’t see the down­shift light be­cause of the low sun.”

With Will Hall still ab­sent due to en­gine is­sues, Uren has moved a place up the standings to fifth. But de­spite earn­ing 19 points on Wil­lis, Men­zies is still 34 be­hind, which may be an im­pos­si­ble gap to close with only five events left.

It was an­other ex­cel­lent event for Richard Sped­ding in the tiny GWR Rap­tor. He vis­i­bly car­ried a lot of speed through The Gate on every run and was re­warded with sec­ond and third. He main­tains fourth in the points as a re­sult. Jer­sey com­peti­tor Ja­son Mourant had his best com­bined pair of count­ing rounds with his pair of fourths, hav­ing re­cov­ered from a big crash at Lo­ton Park. He dis­placed Alex Sum­mers from the top 10 even though Sum­mers scored well each time with only 1100cc and also smashed the class record.

Eynon Price main­tained his sev­enth over­all and the tie for eighth be­tween Sean Gould and Ed Hol­lier was set­tled by lo­cal driver Hol­lier mov­ing three points ahead of Gould.

The Guernsey fa­ther-and-son team of Ge­off and Chris Guille made one of their oc­ca­sional for­ays to the main­land but Chris was un­able to score in ei­ther round us­ing the ex-trevor Wil­lis OMS chas­sis.

But hid­den in the re­sults is a more sur­pris­ing per­for­mance. Cor­nish­man Mike Lee en­tered the cham­pi­onship just in time for the event. The south­west­ern track spe­cial­ist, who rarely ven­tures fur­ther north than Wis­combe Park, wrung the neck of his fairly el­derly OMS, gath­er­ing five points as he used his lo­cal knowl­edge to good ef­fect.

Devo­nian Kelvin Broad fi­nally broke his cham­pi­onship points duck in his ex­tremely noisy su­per­charged Pil­beam. Re­sults Bri­tish Hill­climb Cham­pi­onship, round 23: 1 Wal­lace Men­zies (3.5 Gould-nme GR55) 34.14s; 2 Richard Sped­ding (1.6 Gwr-suzuki Rap­tor 3) 34.63s; 3 Dave Uren (1.3t Force-suzuki PC) 34.82s; 4 Ja­son Mourant (4.0 Gould-judd GR55) 35.13s; 5 Ed Hol­lier (1.6 Em­pire-suzuki 00 Evo) 35.36s; 6 Sean Gould (1.6 Gould-suzuki GR59) 36.16s; 7 Alex Sum­mers (1.0 Dj-suzuki Fire­hawk) 36.39s; 8 Mike Lee (1.6 Oms-suzuki 2000M ) 36.58s; 9 Kelvin Broad (1.3s Pil­beam-suzuki MP101) 37.01s; 10 Eynon Price (1.6 Gould-suzuki GR59) 37.48s; 11 Chris Guille (2.0 Oms-vaux­hall) 37.52s; Trevor Wil­lis (3.2 OMSPow­ertec 28) Fail.

Round 24: 1 Uren 34.58s; 2 Men­zies 34.64s; 3 Sped­ding 34.84s 4 Mourant 35.19s; 5 Hol­lier 35.47s; 6 Price 35.68s; 7 Gould 36.11s; 8 Sum­mers 36.28s; 9 Lee 37.21s; 10 Broad 37.25s; 11 Guille 37.26s; 12 Gra­ham Wynn (3.5 Gould-cosworth GR55) 38.06s.

Classes: Alan Sy­den­ham (1.3 Nis­san Mi­cra) 48.72s; Jamie Pow­ell (2.0t Mit­subishi Lancer E5) 43.78s; John Pick (2.0 AMS Mur­taya) 44.79s; Ben Bon­field (1.4 Austin Mini) 43.04s Record; Colin Satchell (2.0 Peu­geot 205) 40.37s Record; Ge­off Twem­low (2.0t Subaru Im­preza) 47.77s; Mike Rudge (2.3 West­field SEI) 39.61s; Doug Ben­nett (2.3t Sylva-honda Stryker) 39.10s; Sum­mers 36.21s Record; Sped­ding 35.01s; Guille 36.53s; Uren 34.87s; Wil­lis 34.06s BTD.

Points (af­ter 24/34 rounds): 1 Scott Moran 209pts; 2 Wil­lis 188; 3 Men­zies 154; 4 Sped­ding 119; 5 Uren 102; 6 Will Hall 89.

Men­zies took a first and a sec­ond place

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