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Mount Panorama was called Waluu by the Abo­rig­i­nals, who used the hill as a van­tage point across their land. Waluu means look out. But it was rac­ing driv­ers who had to look out from 1938.

Driven by the vi­sion of the lo­cal mayor and car club, the dirt track roads were laid with Tar­mac and, be­cause fund­ing was hard to come by, the loop was opened as a ‘scenic drive’ to ap­pease lo­cal politi­cians. A few months later, the mayor de­clared it would be used as a race track…and the Aus­tralian GP was held there.

It has most fa­mously held a long dis­tance sa­loon car race, which was bumped up from 500km to 1000km in 1973. It has be­come the high­est pro­file race in the coun­try, even af­ter the cir­cuit was al­tered in 1987 to slow down the Con­rod Straight. It has re­cently added a 12-hour race, which at­tracts an in­ter­na­tional field.

And, to ap­pease politi­cians, the cir­cuit is still open to the pub­lic when rac­ing isn’t on... MJ

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