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On a week­end of out­stand­ing rac­ing in the Cheshire sun­shine, two breath­tak­ing His­toric For­mula Ford 1600 races were ex­cit­ing and un­pre­dictable in equal mea­sure. Sam Mitchell and Benn Simms were both sur­prised vic­tors.

The opener was red-flagged af­ter three cars were elim­i­nated be­fore the pack even reached Old Hall, in­clud­ing Ben Tust­ing and his fa­ther Robert. Af­ter the res­tart, an epic six-way con­test de­vel­oped and only in the last two laps did Cal­lum Grant es­tab­lish any sort of mar­gin over a fe­ro­cious bat­tle in­volv­ing Rob Wain­wright, Mitchell, Simms, Max Bartell and Benn Til­ley.

How­ever, it all changed at Knicker­brook on the fi­nal lap when Grant hit brake trou­ble and ran wide over the grass and Til­ley flipped over af­ter a clash of wheels with Simms in the gen­eral confusion. Through it all, Mitchell emerged to win from Wain­wright and Bartell. “It was all chaotic,” said Mitchell, while Wain­wright did well to tiger up the or­der from sixth to sec­ond.

The later race was al­most as good as Mitchell, Wain­wright and Grant made the early pace. How­ever, Wain­wright soon headed for the pits with a rear sus­pen­sion is­sue and Mitchell spun away a slen­der lead. Grant took over, but his car slowed and he was bun­dled down the or­der as Simms came through to beat Bartell by a whisker. “That was hard work; but the luck was with me for once,” said Simms.

Sun­day’s His­toric Road Sports race was a corker as Kevin Kivlochan got his Mor­gan Plus 8 to the flag by a fifth of a sec­ond over the Lo­tus Elan of John Dav­i­son. The Elan eroded Kivlochan’s early ad­van­tage and they traded the lead un­til Dav­i­son spun when try­ing a bold out­side line at Druids.

Kivlochan was left with a handy mar­gin, but Dav­i­son fought back and so nearly caught the Mor­gan on the line. “I won that twice,” said Kivlochan. “I saw him spin and nearly lost my voice shout­ing. Then he was in the mir­rors again.”

Mark Dwyer was the class of the Derek Bell Tro­phy field with two re­sound­ing wins in his For­mula 2 March 742. Neil Glover gave chase in both races with the F5000 Chevron B37, but could not live with the nim­ble F2 car. In­stead, Glover had to fo­cus his mind on re­pelling the ad­vances of Paul Camp­field’s Chevron B24.

Peter Hors­man was an­other dou­ble win­ner, this time from the HGPCA ranks with his Lo­tus 18/21. His suc­cess earned him the His­toric Gold Cup, which was pre­sented by Lo­tus Grand Prix me­chanic Bob Dance.

Hors­man romped clear in the first race, but it was much harder on Mon­day as a tardy start left Hors­man to claw his way back up the or­der and he then diced with Rod Jol­ley’s Cooper T45/51 be­fore eas­ing away in the clos­ing stages.

A bumper His­toric Tour­ing Car field was red-flagged at the first at­tempt when Simon Benoy’s Hill­man Imp spun across the pack on the exit of Old Hall and took out the Lo­tus Cortina of Nigel Cox. In the re-run, War­ren Briggs soon as­sumed con­trol in his fire­breath­ing Ford Mus­tang as John Avill lead the Lo­tus Cortina pack.

In the sec­ond race, Briggs was again un­stop­pable but this time young James Clarke raced very well to beat Avill for sec­ond af­ter re­cov­er­ing from an in­ci­dent-packed time in the first race.

Ste­wart Whyte bagged a Su­per Tour­ing Tro­phy dou­ble with two pretty un­trou­bled wins in his Honda Ac­cord. John Cle­land, rac­ing his Vaux­hall Vectra for the first time in nearly 12 months, blew the cob­webs away with a strong sec­ond in the opener but dropped out of con­tention on Mon­day with a lengthy pit-stop. Lo­cal ace Mark Jones ran third on Sun­day but went one bet­ter to take sec­ond on Mon­day and give his Re­nault La­guna one of its best re­sults to date in the se­ries.

Although the to­tal field would have nicely filled one grid, the His­toric For­mula Ju­nior pack was split into two rather thin fields. Mark Wood­house was the cream of the front-en­gined di­vi­sion in his Elva de­spite the best ef­forts of Mike Walker in the lead­ing Bond.

An­drew Hib­berd duly took both rear-en­gined races and was un­op­posed on Sun­day when Benn Simms went out at the start with failed drive­shaft bolts in the Mer­lyn Mk5/7 of John Sykes. Hib­berd leant Simms the parts needed to get the Mer­lyn out on Mon­day and they ran close for much of the race un­til Hib­berd edged away in the clos­ing laps.

An­drew Park blasted the His­toric FF2000 pack to win twice and clinch the ti­tle by mak­ing it nine wins from 11 rounds to date. Tom White ped­alled his older Osella very well to take sec­ond in both races.

The fi­nal wins of the week­end went to John Mur­phy’s Crossle 22F ( Clas­sic Rac­ing Cars/clas­sic FF2000) and Mark Char­teris in Clas­sic Club­mans.

1 Sam Mitchell (Mer­lyn Mk20); 2 Rob Wain­wright (Elden Mk8) +1.356s; 3 Max Bartell (Mer­lyn Mk20); 4 Cal­lum Grant (Mer­lyn Mk20); 5 Benn Simms (Jomo JMR7); 6 Will Nuthall (Ja­mun T2). FL Grant 1m51.941s (86.57mph). P Bartell. S 31. 1 Simms; 2 Bartell +0.434s; 3 James Buck­ton (Elden Mk8); 4 Mitchell; 5 Grant; 6 Nuthall. FL Grant 1m51.886s (86.61mph). P Mitchell. S 31.

1 Kevin Kivlochan (Mor­gan Plus 8); 2 John Dav­i­son (Lo­tus Elan) +0.196s; 3 Peter Shaw (Lo­tus Elan); 4 Frazer Gib­ney (Lo­tus Elan); 5 David Boland (Ginetta G4); 6 Mike Eagles (De To­maso Man­gusta). CW Dav­i­son; Mal­colm Mit­ton (Lo­tus Elan); Dick Cof­fey (Turner Mk1); Christo­pher Reece (MGB); Alan Green­halgh (Tri­umph TR6). FL Dav­i­son 1m59.404s (81.16mph). P Dav­i­son. S 24.

1 Mark Dwyer (March 742); 2 Neil Glover (Chevron B37) +41.993s; 3 Paul Camp­field (Chevron B24); 4 Mar­tyn Donn (Lola T670); 5 Michael Blet­soe-brown (Chevron B27); 6 Keith Nor­ris (Chevron B49). CW Glover; Donn; Tim Kuchel (Brab­ham BT18); Adam Sim­monds (Lola T142). FL Jamie Brashaw (March 73A) 1m36.762s (100.15mph). P Dwyer. S 16. 1 Dwyer; 2 Glover +15.612s; 3 Camp­field; 4 Donn; 5 John Mur­phy (Crossle 22F); 6 Nor­ris. CW Glover; Donn; Mur­phy; Sim­monds. FL Dwyer 1m37.838s (99.05mph). P Dwyer. S 15.

1 Peter Hors­man (Lo­tus 18/21); 2 Rod Jol­ley (Cooper T45/51) +13.565s; 3 Rudi Friedrichs (Cooper T53); 4 Ed Morris (Lo­tus 18); 5 Dan Collins (Lo­tus 21); 6 An­drew Smith (Cooper T43). CW Jol­ley; Morris; Smith; Sid Hoole (Cooper T41); An­drew Ware­ing (BRM P261). FL Hors­man 1m54.814s (84.40mph). P Hors­man. S 19.

1 Hors­man; 2 Jol­ley +1.164s; 3 Collins; 4 Barry Can­nell (Cooper T51); 5 Iain Row­ley (Assegai); 6 Smith. CW Jol­ley; Collins; Smith; Ware­ing; Hoole. FL Hors­man 1m54.741s (84.45mph). P Hors­man. S 18.

1 War­ren Briggs (Ford Mus­tang); 2 John Avill (Lo­tus Cortina) +10.718s; 3 Gra­ham Pat­tle (Lo­tus Cortina); 4 Endaf Owens (Mini Cooper S); 5 Peter Hore (Lo­tus Cortina); 6 Greg Thorn­ton (Ford Mus­tang). CW Hore; John Spiers (Lo­tus Cortina); Owens; Richard Belcher (Lo­tus Cortina); Roger God­frey (Mini Cooper S); Adrian Oliver (Hill­man Imp); Gary War­bur­ton (Austin Mini). FL Briggs 2m02.286s (79.24mph). P Briggs. S 33. 1 Briggs; 2 James Clarke (Lo­tus Cortina) +6.337s; 3 Avill; 4 Pat­tle; 5 Hore; 6 Spiers. CW Clarke; Avill; Owens; Belcher; God­frey; Oliver; War­bur­ton. FL Briggs 2m04.340s (77.93mph). P Briggs. S 28.

Ste­wart Whyte (Honda Ac­cord); 2 John Cle­land (Vaux­hall Vectra) +7.914s; 3 Mark Jones (Re­nault La­guna); 4 Phil Keen (Audi A4); 5 Paul Smith (BMW 320); 6 Dave Jar­man (Nis­san Primera). CW Keen; Rick Wood (Ford Capri); Tom An­drew (BMW M3). FL Whyte 1m49.078s (88.84mph). P Whyte. S 17. 1 Whyte; 2 Jones +5.332s; 3 Smith; 4 Jar­man; 5 Ja­son Min­shaw (Volvo S40); 6 Roger Laven­der (Ford Mon­deo). CW Wood; Dar­ren Field­ing (BMW 318); An­drew. FL Whyte 1m49.069s (88.85mph). P Whyte. S 17. Grimshaw (Moor­land Mk1); 6 Phillips. CW Olis­soff; Pearson. FL Walker 2m03.133s (78.70mph). P Wood­house. S 11.

1 An­drew Hib­berd (Lo­tus 22); 2 John Fyda (Brab­ham BT6) +34.766s; 3 Robin Long­don (Lola Mk3); 4 Jonathan Fyda (U2 Mk3); 5 Ru­dolf Ernst (Brab­ham BT2); 6 Peter An­stiss (Lo­tus 20/22). CW Chris Al­ford (Elva 200); Long­don; Mal­colm Wishart (Cooper T65). FL Hib­berd 1m53.736s (85.20mph). P Hib­berd. S 17. 1 Hib­berd; 2 Benn Simms (Mer­lyn Mk5/7) +13.093s; 3 John Fyda; 4 Jonathan Fyda; 5 An­stiss; 6 Ernst. CW Jonathan Fyda; Al­ford; Wishart; Greg Thrus­ton (Lo­tus 20). FL Hib­berd 1m53.279s (85.54mph). P Hib­berd. S 17.

1 An­drew Park (Rey­nard SF81); 2 Thomas White (Osella FAF) +18.932s; 3 Gra­ham Ridg­way (Rey­nard SF78); 4 Brian Morris (Delta T80); 5 David Wal­ton (Royale RP27); 6 Mick White­head (Rey­nard SF79). CW White. FL Park 1m46.197s (91.25mph). P Park. S 12. 1 Park; 2 White +25.671s; 3 Wal­ton; 4 An­drew Storer (Rey­nard SF79); 5 Morris; 6 Dale Spruce (Rey­nard SF79). CW White. FL Park 1m46.421s (91.06mph). P Park. S 12.

1 John Mur­phy (Crossle 22F); 2 Ju­lian Stokes (Tecno F2) +4.437s; 3 Andy Jarvis (Pal­liser WDB2); 4 Chris Lord (Van Diemen RF82); 5 An­drew Lan­caster (Pil­beam MP52); 6 Steve Wor­rad (Pal­liser). CW Jarvis; Lord; Phil Nel­son (Hawke DL2B). FL Mur­phy 1m45.776s (91.61mph). P Mur­phy. S 15.

1 Mark Char­teris (Mal­lock Mk20/21); 2 Spencer Mccarthy (Mal­lock MK20B) +38.302s; 3 Mike Evans (Mal­lock Mk20/21); 4 Alan Cook (Mal­lock Mk20); 5 David Wale (Mal­lock MK20B/21); 6 Barry Webb (Mal­lock MK16BW). CW Webb; Roger Waite (Royale S2000M). FL Char­teris 1m39.603s (97.27mph). P Char­teris. S 16.

1 James Dean (Lo­tus Europa); 2 Rus­sell Pater­son (Mor­gan Plus 8) +1.188s; 3 Charles Barter (Dat­sun 240Z); 4 Ju­lian Barter (Lo­tus Europa); 5 Mark Lev­erett (Lo­tus Elan); 6 Steve Cooke (Lo­tus 7 S4). CW Pater­son; Charles Barter; Neil Brown (Lo­tus Eclat); David Tomkin­son (Tri­umph Spit­fire). FL Dean 2m01.488s (79.76mph). P Charles Barter. S 22.

1 Ju­lian Thomas/ Calum Lockie (E-type); 2 Alis­tair Dyson (E-type) +1m01.896s; 3 Jamie Boot (E-type); 4 Martin Melling (E-type); 5 Paul Castal­dini (E-type); 6 Pete Foster/tim Mo­gridge (E-type). Class win­ners John Bur­ton (E-type); Roger Cope (Mk1); An­drew Moore (XK150); Chris Sc­ho­ley/ Nick Fin­burgh (XK120). FL Dyson 1m58.627s (81.69mph). P Thomas/ Lockie. S 19.

1 Mike Gar­diner/ Dan Cox (TVR Grif­fith); 2 Mike Whitaker (TVR Grif­fith) +3.506s; 3 John Spiers (TVR Grif­fith); 4 Alis­tair Dyson (Jaguar E-type); 5 Robert Far­rell/ Dave Coyne (Jaguar E-type); 6 Peter Shaw/ju­lian Barter (Lo­tus Elan). CW Dyson; Shaw/ Barter; Martin Richard­son (MGB). FL Whitaker 1m55.079s (84.21mph). P Gar­diner/ Cox. S 19.

both. Two pro­duc­tion class wins for the Hun­gar­ian Ta­mas Vizin (Elise) main­tained his un­beaten record at the top of the cham­pi­onship ta­ble.

A 40-plus Rac­ing Sa­loons field suc­cess­fully ne­go­ti­ated the crowded first few cor­ners in their open­ing race. The BMWS of Stephen Pearson, Stu­art Waite, Nigel Innes and Karl Catliff soon es­tab­lished them­selves at the front, although their or­der was far from set­tled un­til the che­quered flag ap­peared. The Peu­geot 306 of Don Hughes was first non-bmw un­til the French car faded, hand­ing that dis­tinc­tion to the un­miss­able shape of Jo­han Hoogen­werff ’s Volvo es­tate in sev­enth.

Race two was aban­doned with­out a lap be­ing com­pleted af­ter two red flags. The first re­sulted from a rel­a­tively mi­nor start­line in­ci­dent, but the sec­ond fol­lowed a huge shunt on the straight to­wards Hawthorn’s in­volv­ing Pearson and Innes among others.

Bradley Smith dom­i­nated Satur­day’s Rad­i­cal Chal­lenge sprint races with Steve Burgess sec­ond each time. Jack Lang was third at the first at­tempt but re­tired af­ter a lap one in­ci­dent in race two. Brian Mur­phy looked set for a per­sonal best third-place in race two, but Joe Sta­bles passed him on the fi­nal lap.

Race three was 20 min­utes longer and in­cor­po­rated pit­stops. This made no dif­fer­ence to Smith, who com­pleted a hat-trick of wins de­spite a stop ex­tended by 20s of suc­cess penalty. Jack Manch­ester’s team had a crum­pled car to mend ear­lier in the week­end, but he re­warded them with sec­ond place in this fi­nale, just ahead of Sta­bles. Cham­pi­onship leader Burgess was a re­lieved fourth af­ter a lap one spin left him tem­po­rar­ily last. Hav­ing fin­ished in 11th and sixth places ear­lier, Olympic cycling star Ja­son Kenny tried to fol­low Manch­ester past Brian Caud­well and into a podium po­si­tion. Light con­tact sent Caud­well spin­ning at Paddock and bent an up­right on Kenny’s car.

Pole­man Dar­ren Goes (SEAT Leon Cup) qual­i­fied fastest and led most of the Track­day Cham­pi­onship race on his way to vic­tory. Sev­eral driv­ers were keen to be sec­ond, and Kester Cook (Ford Fi­esta) was in front of James Brit­ton and Mark Flower (BMWS).

Ryan Sav­age (2-Eleven) and Adam Mackay (Ex­ige V6 Cup) each won a Lo­tus Cup & Elise Tro­phy sprint race, the sec­ond of them a chaotic af­fair run on a damp but dry­ing track which re­sulted in many in­ci­dents. Mackay looked se­cure in the lead of the longer fi­nale un­til the pit­stops, but fell to third be­hind Sav­age and Ja­son Baker (Elise) as he re­joined. Adam Balon’s Ex­ige was a dis­tant fourth and the rest were lapped. Luigi Mazza and John La­mas­ter shared their Elise to pro­duc­tion class suc­cess, this car bat­tling with Alex Ball’s Elise all week­end.

Dou­ble F3 Cup win­ner Rob­bie Watts scored his 65th suc­cess on Satur­day and raised the to­tal again the fol­low­ing morn­ing. James Hef­fer­nan in race one and Tony Bishop in race two both came to grief while chas­ing the leader. Stu­art Wilt­shire fin­ished sec­ond in race one but suc­cumbed to pres­sure in race two and fell from sec­ond to fourth as Ja­copo Se­bas­tiani and Hef­fer­nan came past. Shane Kelly paid the price for two ter­ri­ble starts and fin­ished fifth in both races, but still ex­tended his points lead.

William Dav­i­son’s Pro­duc­tion BMW mo­men­tum con­tin­ued at Brands with his fifth and sixth vic­to­ries in a row. His win­ning mar­gin over Matthew Swaf­fer and David Graves was rel­a­tively small in race one, but he drove well clear in race two.

Pa­trick Sher­ring­ton (MCR) qual­i­fied 12th in the wet for the Sports 2000 cham­pi­onship but stormed to sec­ond af­ter one lap of the dry race. He closed on Tom Stoten’s Gunn and took the lead on lap 15 and ap­peared to be in con­trol – un­til his en­gine coughed a cou­ple of cor­ners from the end and Stoten swept past. David Houghton/ Clive Hayes and Giles Billings­ley fin­ished inches apart but a lap down in third and fourth.

1 Steve Wil­liams (Evora GT4); 2 Jean-bap­tiste Loup (2-Eleven) +1.711s; 3 Jonathan Packer (Evora GT4); 4 Philippe Loup (2-Eleven); 5 Harry Wood­head (Ex­ige S2); 6 Tom­mie Elias­son (Ex­ige V6 Cup). Class win­ners Jean-bap­tiste Loup; Wood­head; Ta­mas Vizin (Elise Cup R). Fastest lap Wil­liams 1m37.718s (89.64mph). Pole Wil­liams. Starters 31.

1 Wil­liams; 2 JeanBap­tiste Loup +13.500s; 3 Philippe Loup; 4 Robin Nils­son (Ex­ige V6 Cup); 5 Elias­son; 6 An­drew Wright (Ex­ige V6 Cup). CW Jean-bap­tiste Loup; Christo­pher Laroche (Ex­ige S2); Vizin. FL Wil­liams 1m37.323s (90.00mph). P Wil­liams. S 31.

1 Stephen Pearson (BMW E36 M3); 2 Stu­art Waite (BMW M3) +3.187s; 3 Nigel Innes (BMW E36 M3); 4 Karl Catliff (BMW E36 M3); 5 Dar­ren Stamp (BMW E36 M3); 6 James Card (BMW E30 M3). CW Card; Colin Philpott (Jaguar XJS); Ja­son Dze­nis (Peu­geot 205); Matthew Wile­man (BMW E30); Karl Graves (BMW 120d); Kieron Le­hane (Citroen Saxo). FL Pearson 1m43.815s (84.37mph). P Pearson. S 44. Race two aban­doned.

1 Bradley Smith; 2 Steve Burgess +9.482s; 3 Jack Lang; 4 Brian Caud­well; 5 Brian Mur­phy; 6 Joe Sta­bles. CW Burgess; Andy Chit­ten­den. FL Smith 1m27.236s (100.41mph). P Smith. S 25.

1 Smith; 2 Burgess +2.722s; 3 Sta­bles; 4 Mur­phy; 5 Mark Richards; 6 Ja­son Kenny. CW Burgess; Chit­ten­den. FL Smith 1m27.736s (99.84mph). P Smith. S 26.

1 Smith; 2 Jack Manch­ester +5.033s; 3 Sta­bles; 4 Burgess; 5 Peter Tyler/tom Glad­dis; 6 Ja­son Rishover. CW Manch­ester; Chit­ten­den. FL Smith 1m27.124s (100.54mph). P Smith. S 25. M3) 1m44.082s (84.16mph). P Goes. S 41.

1 Ryan Sav­age (2-Eleven); 2 Adam Mackay (Ex­ige V6 Cup) +0.644s; 3 Adam Balon (Ex­ige V6 Cup); 4 Bob Drum­mond (Ex­ige V6 Cup); 5 Phillip Brit­ten (Ex­ige V6 Cup); 6 Dou­glas Camp­bell (Ex­ige V Cup). CW Mackay; Luigi Mazza (Elise S2). FL Mackay 1m37.789s (89.57mph). P Ja­son Baker (Elise S2). S 30.

1 Mackay; 2 Baker +7.506s; 3 Sav­age; 4 Balon; 5 Brit­ten; 6 Drum­mond. CW Baker; Alex Ball (Elise S1). FL Baker 1m37.973s (89.41mph). P Scott Couper (Ex­ige S1). S 28.

1 Sav­age; 2 Baker +5.811s; 3 Mackay; 4 Balon; 5 Brit­ten; 6 Drum­mond. CW Mackay; Mazza/john La­mas­ter. FL Baker 1m36.362s (90.90mph). P Mackay. S 26.

1 Rob­bie Watts (Dal­lara F308); 2 Stu­art Wilt­shire (F308) +6.104s; 3 Ja­copo Se­bas­tiani (Dal­lara F311); 4 Tony Bishop (Dal­lara F310); 5 Shane Kelly (F308); 6 Wade East­wood (Dal­lara F307). CW Geoffrey Hood­less (March 813). FL James Hef­fer­nan (F308) 1m22.116s (106.67mph). P Watts. S 11.

1 Watts; 2 Se­bas­tiani +11.227s; 3 Hef­fer­nan; 4 Wilt­shire; 5 Kelly; 6 Ge­orge Line (F308). CW Hood­less. FL Se­bas­tiani 1m21.599s (107.35mph). P Watts. S 11. 1 William Dav­i­son; 2 Matthew Swaf­fer +2.736s; 3 David Graves; 4 Harry Good­man; 5 Sam Strong; 6 Edd Gid­dings. FL Dav­i­son 1m51.239s (78.74mph). P Dav­i­son. S 29.

1 Dav­i­son; 2 Swaf­fer +6.459s; 3 Graves; 4 Rob Cooper; 5 Gid­dings; 6 Strong. FL Dav­i­son 1m51.619s (78.47mph). P Dav­i­son. S 26.

Simms won a thrilling race two

Ste­wart Whyte took a fine dou­ble in his Su­per Tour­ing Honda Ac­cord Ju­lian Thomas and Calum Lockie con­trolled Jaguar Clas­sic out­ing

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