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I fear for the fu­ture of my beloved F1 as each set of rules moves it fur­ther from its prime aims (as I see it).

The faster cars go, the fur­ther away we have to watch from and the driv­ers be­come more pro­tected. The more ef­fi­cient they be­come with ‘green’ cre­den­tials the qui­eter and more bor­ing they be­come. F1 has to be spec­tac­u­lar, colourful, action packed, and dan­ger­ous to at­tract the fans in this ex­treme ex­cite­ment world.

It’s a long while since I stood at Sil­ver­stone, my heart beat­ing quickly, the hairs on the back of my neck stand­ing on end and my ear de­fend­ers strug­gling to sup­press the mu­sic of the high revving en­gines.

TV cam­era men can fol­low a car for over half a lap in qualifying these days be­fore the direc­tor re­alises its on an in lap.

Please, F1, stop try­ing to ap­pease every­one and try to thrill just a few. You’ll never re­place the elec­tronic games con­sole, so why try and com­pete, give the youth of to­day some­thing big­ger and brasher (on track) be­cause they’re ready for it.

The driv­ers, spec­ta­tors, and pro­mot­ers would love to see one off GPS on in­ter­est­ing tracks with full grand­stands and full press cov­er­age be­cause they were mem­o­rable.

Au­gust 24

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