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Your pre­de­ces­sor was fairly out­spo­ken on the run­ning or­der reg­u­la­tion. what’s your opin­ion? SS: “It has to be fair. How we achieve that, I have a few ideas of my own, but it’s key that ev­ery­body has a chance to win on ev­ery sur­face. I’m op­ti­mistic that we will find a so­lu­tion that’s bet­ter than to­day. It’s about be­ing pre­pared to meet in the mid­dle.”

Don’t you think six win­ners in six dif­fer­ent events is good for the cham­pi­onship? SS: “Yes, but those six win­ners should be six driv­ers fight­ing for the cham­pi­onship. I don’t say the cham­pi­onship leader should be [pe­nalised], but for two, or as some peo­ple were call­ing for three days, that’s too much. At the same time, I can un­der­stand that Volk­swa­gen win­ning 12 out of 13 ral­lies is not good for the pro­moter.”

Jost was also very much against team or­ders. what are your thoughts? SS: “The ideal so­lu­tion means you won’t need team or­ders. But, maybe in three years we have to think it if things are hap­pen­ing dif­fer­ently. But to­day, we don’t want to be giv­ing any team or­ders.”

How will your role change in Cor­sica? SS: “Ac­tu­ally, it won’t change much be­cause I’ll still be do­ing my old job of sport­ing di­rec­tor. Once we have an ad­e­quate re­place­ment, then it will change.”

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