1987: Ford Sierra RS Cos­worth, 3rd

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“At the start of the 1987 it looked like I was go­ing to get a Lan­cia Delta, which was pretty ex­cit­ing. A road car was sourced by the RED team for the first round of the Bri­tish Cham­pi­onship, but it was re­ally a stan­dard car with some sus­pen­sion and a rollcage. Not long after that, it was clear the Lan­cia thing wasn’t hap­pen­ing, so I called Peter Ashcroft at Ford and he agreed to sup­ply a Sierra.

“One of the guys drove down to Bore­ham to pick up this plain white Cos­worth road car, which he drove back to RED in Widnes for the guys to strip and build it into a rally car. Ar­riv­ing back at the fac­tory, the guy jumped out of the car and went in to open the big roller door to drive the Sierra in­side. When he went back out­side, the car was gone. Some­body had nicked it! I thought that was it, that was the end of the sea­son right there.

“The po­lice called later that day to say they’d found the car in the mid­dle of an es­tate in Liver­pool. The only dam­age to it was on the rear spoiler – where it had been re­versed through the plate glass win­dow of a lo­cal tele­vi­sion shop. Our rally car hadn’t done an event yet, but it had done a ram raid!

“I used the car all sea­son, won the Bri­tish Cham­pi­onship and fin­ished third on the RAC. That was a nice re­sult to end the year, but that’s def­i­nitely a car I won’t for­get!” Ford came on and of­fered a car for my­self and for Colin, so I went with Ford.

“I def­i­nitely re­mem­ber the RAC in 1989, but I’m not sure it was one of the high­lights… that was the year with all the snow. John Haugh­land came past us in his Skoda and I just couldn’t keep up with him – our Sierra Cos­worth on gravel tyres was all over the place! I re­mem­ber­ing say­ing to Rob [Arthur, co-driver] at the time: ‘Bloody hell Rob, we’ve been passed by a Skoda – don’t tell any­body about this!”

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