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I’ve watched the changes to the WRC cars for this sea­son with ut­ter dis­be­lief.

I’ve been in­volved with ral­ly­ing for many years and I’ve seen Group 4, Group B, Group A and then the WRC at the top level so I know all about the speeds and the dan­gers.

If you look at any of the footage from last year, other than the flat sounds these things make, they’re spec­tac­u­lar enough. We’re go­ing through the most threat­en­ing phase that ral­ly­ing has faced since the demise of Group B yet we’re ac­tu­ally brag­ging that the cur­rent cars are now faster than Group B and the new ones will be con­sid­er­ably faster still. “Ah, but the cars are much safer,” they say.

Yes they are for the crew, but a flat chat car rolling through the trees and tak­ing out spec­ta­tors with the crew walk­ing away is scant con­so­la­tion.

Ac­ci­dent in­ves­ti­ga­tors will tell you the best way to slow a car down is a big spike in the cen­tre of the steer­ing wheel. Bet­ter safety for the crew means just one thing; more speed.

These are the best driv­ers in the world; look at the great god Group B; no mat­ter how fast and dan­ger­ous the cars were they still drove them at and be­yond the limit. Ral­ly­ing does not need these mon­sters.

Joe Pub­lic and MPS can­not com­pre­hend 380bhp in a for­est, at 120mph plus speeds, with­out bar­ri­ers and run offs.

We’ll re­ceive no sym­pa­thy if some­thing ter­ri­ble hap­pens. In­sur­ers want larger pre­mi­ums be­cause they’re cov­er­ing them­selves and un­der­stand­ably so.

The forestry own­ers are get­ting more and more ner­vous and so are gov­ern­ments. The or­gan­is­ers are pulling out of or­gan­is­ing ral­lies be­cause they’re ter­ri­fied of le­gal ac­tion.

If you want to watch crazy four-wheel-drive cars on the limit go and watch ral­ly­cross; they’re even more pow­er­ful and you’re stood be­hind bar­ri­ers in rel­a­tive safety. Slower does not mean bor­ing; the right cars would still look good be­cause they’ve still got the best driv­ers. Please leave the rest of us to en­joy the sport we love with­out wait­ing for the head­lines and the end of it.

The MSA stepped in and made night ral­ly­ing safer be­fore a likely big ac­ci­dent; the FIA needs to do the same with the WRC be­fore the knock-on ef­fect kills na­tional ral­ly­ing. Mick Straf­ford Via email

MN, Jan­uary 18

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