Kier­nan re­cov­ers from road penal­ties to take Gal­way Na­tional vic­tory

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Gary Kier­nan re­cov­ered from a 25s deficit helped by road penal­ties to take vic­tory on the Gal­way Na­tional Rally.

Ryan Loughran was the early leader but he crashed his Ford Es­cort on the sec­ond stage of the Na­tional rally. Lo­cal man Tom Fla­herty was ex­pected to be a pace­set­ter but he too put his Es­cort off the road on the open­ing stage.

This left the spot­light on Done­gal man Damien Tour­ish in his Class 13 Es­cort. He drove bril­liantly through day one to lead Kier­nan by 25s at the overnight halt.

Kier­nan’s cause wasn’t helped by a 15s road penalty. Kevin Eves slot­ted in to third place for most of the day and held on to it de­spite a bro­ken back sus­pen­sion rod in his Milling­to­nengined Toy­ota Corolla cost­ing a few sec­onds in stage nine.

On the Sun­day stages, Kier­nan made full use of his Class 14 Es­cort’s power to squeeze ahead of Tour­ish with Eves se­cur­ing the podium.

In the His­torics, former cham­pion Ernie Gra­ham showed he hasn’t lost his touch as he built up a for­mi­da­ble lead. Cur­rent His­toric cham­pion Frank Cun­ning­ham put his BMW M3 off the road.

Ross Forde put in a strong chal­lenge but lost sev­eral min­utes when his Es­cort suf­fered a punc­ture. Andy John­ston had a good early run but his Vaux­hall Chevette HSR suf­fered a bro­ken oil pump belt.

This left Keith Mcivor in sec­ond and Gareth Lloyd third to make it an Es­cort top three. Gra­ham main­tained his mo­men­tum through the Sun­day stages to take the over­all His­toric win, Lloyd get­ting ahead of Mcivor to take sec­ond.


1 Gary Kier­nan/ Keith Mo­ri­arty (Ford Es­cort Mk2) 1h47m21.9s; 2 Damien Tour­ish/ Domh­nall Mcalaney (Es­cort Mk2) + 31.5s; 3 Kevin Eves/ Wil­liam Lynch (Toy­ota Corolla); 4 Patrick Mchugh/ Pau­ric O’don­nell (Ford Es­cort Mk2); 5 Eu­gene Mee­gan/ Sarah Whe­lan (BMW 1M); 6 Richard Whe­lan/james Whe­lan (BMW 1M); 7 Tommy Cahill/ Enda O’leary (Mit­subishi Lancer E6); 8 Ja­son Mc­sweeney/ Liam Brennan (Lancer E9); 9 Viv Hamill/ An­drew Gren­nan (Es­cort Mk2); 10 David Quigley/adrian Comer (Honda Civic). Class win­ners De­clan Forde/thomas Ward (Es­cort Mk2); Quigley/ Comer; Ja­son Tuthill/ Ben Teg­gart (Es­cort Mk1); Joe Donoghue/ Leona Donoghue (Es­cort); Tour­ish/ Mcalaney; Kier­nan/ Mo­ri­ar­ity; Cahill/ O’leary; Mc­sweeney/ Brennan; Art Mc­car­rick/john Mc­cay (Honda Civic).

Kier­nan was rapid on Sun­day

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