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Although mar­keted un­der dif­fer­ent brand names, the Mc­murdo Smartfind S20 and Kan­nad Safe­link R10 are iden­ti­cal. It comes with a smart neo­prene pouch and belt/web­bing clip, as well as a clip for at­tach­ing it to the oral in­fla­tion tube of a life­jacket. The unit is quite small and flat, so fits snugly against the body when packed into a life­jacket or kept in a pocket. An or­ange clip on a short line slides out to arm the de­vice and re­veals the test but­ton. The de­vice can be tested in two ways by press­ing this but­ton. A quick one-sec­ond press runs a short sys­tem and bat­tery test and in­di­cates the re­main­ing bat­tery charge by flash­ing one (low), two (medium) or three (high) LEDS. A longer ten-sec­ond press trig­gers a full sys­tem check, in­clud­ing GPS ac­ti­va­tion and the trans­mis­sion of a sin­gle ‘Test’ AIS mes­sage.

To man­u­ally ac­ti­vate the S20/ R10, you re­move the arm­ing clip and then slide off the red plas­tic an­tenna shield by pulling on the line. The springy an­tenna will flip up and the de­vice starts trans­mit­ting when it has a GPS fix. At the same time, the LED strobe light starts to flash and the three GPS LEDS flash to show it is re­ceiv­ing a GPS sig­nal. It can be ac­ti­vated man­u­ally if self-in­stalled into a life­jacket. How­ever, some life­jack­ets from Ocean Safety, Spin­lock and Baltic can be bought with the S20/ R10 al­ready fit­ted, so they are fully au­to­matic, ac­ti­vat­ing when the

life­jacket in­flates.


It’s small enough to fit snugly into the pocket or a life­jacket and has a good bat­tery shelf life. Although the S20/R10 is rea­son­ably straight­for­ward to work, it does re­quire two hands to op­er­ate man­u­ally and there are no ac­ti­va­tion in­struc­tions printed on the cas­ing, so it’s not com­pletely ob­vi­ous how it works with­out read­ing or mem­o­ris­ing the in­struc­tions.

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The small flat shape is de­signed to fit snugly into pock­ets/life­jack­ets

RAT­ING ★★★★

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