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I re­cently de­cided to fit mark­ers to the an­chor chain of my Fairline Targa 34. To do this I let out the en­tire 40 yards of chain – the first time I’ve done this since pur­chas­ing it a cou­ple of years ago – and to my hor­ror dis­cov­ered that the shackle hold­ing the chain onto its fix­ing point in the locker had all but dis­in­te­grated.

I’ve no way of know­ing for sure but I pre­sume this was the orig­i­nal shackle fit­ted by Fairline when the boat was built in 2003. Given my ex­pe­ri­ence I thought to alert other read­ers with sim­i­lar aged boats, as I haz­ard a guess that few bother to check this fit­ting on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. Given the price of chain, let alone the pos­si­ble safety im­pli­ca­tions, it’s some­thing well worth look­ing at. Con­grats on the re­design, by the way – very clean and slick. Phil Samp­son Your let­ter prompted me to have a look at the state of my an­chor’s shackle and while it’s not quite as badly worn as yours it has rusted to such a de­gree that it will have to be cut off in or­der to be re­placed. I’ll add it to this win­ter’s job list. Hugo

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