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■ Hang back, don’t be right up the chuff of the ve­hi­cle in front – it’ll ac­tu­ally slow up your progress if you do ■ Be in the crit­i­cal two-thirds lane po­si­tion ■ Com­mit to the over­take when you de­cide to go, if there is a safe gap and you de­cide to make the pass be de­lib­er­ate and pre­cise in your move. ■ Get into po­si­tion nice and early, no sud­den sweep­ing moves out to the edge of the lane ■ Drop back from the traf­fic in front ■ Use your clever po­si­tion­ing to give you a view across the cor­ner and much fur­ther ahead ■ Stay on the two-thirds line as much as pos­si­ble ■ Stay out of the gut­ter ■ Stay away from hog­ging the cen­tre line

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