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Where’s the bright yel­low stuff? For years, Hood’s bike jeans have been lined with a (lurid) yel­low, mil­i­tary grade K-Tech para-aramid lin­ing. But for 2015 Hood has sourced a new va­ri­ety of aramid. There are two things to note about this: 1) It is more of a dull green, 2) the aramid is shaved and wo­ven to make it feel softer.

The new aramid is in­stantly com­fort­able, feel­ing more like denim. Hood has man­aged to save costs with the new ma­te­rial, which it is pass­ing on to the cus­tomer by ex­tend­ing the sur­face cov­ered so the whole leg is pro­tected.

There is a slight com­pro­mise how­ever. The old lin­ing was drag tested at up to 1200m. The new lin­ing drag tests to just shy of 1000 – but if I am still slid­ing down the road at ap­proach­ing the kilo­me­tre mark, frankly I have more to worry about than if my jeans lin­ing is go­ing to hold out.

My jeans fea­ture the op­tional D30 ar­mour at the hips and knees, although you would not no­tice it at a glance. Orig­i­nally de­signed to pro­tect Cana­dian ath­letes at the 2006 Win­ter Olympics, D30 is su­perb stuff. In a re­laxed state, such as when rid­ing and walk­ing, the ar­mour feels soft. But un­der im­pact the molec­u­lar struc­ture changes, thick­en­ing and ab­sorb­ing the force. It also hard­ens, mas­sively re­duc­ing shock.

But what of the jeans them­selves? Hood has been in­tro­duc­ing in­cre­men­tal im­prove­ments for years And the 2015 K7s are the re­sult of this. They are made of top-qual­ity heavy denim and the styling has been im­proved so you would hap­pily wear these down the pub and no-one would re­alise they were bik­ing jeans and not ‘fash­ion’ items. The aramid layer means they’re a lit­tle warmer than a ‘nor­mal’ pair of jeans, but rid­ing in colder weather it would make sense to slip on a base layer.

The K7s are com­fort­able on and off the bike, look good and will pro­tect me from both im­pact and a slide. To my mind, Hood’s jeans are the best you can buy – and the best just got bet­ter.

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