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Hi there. The rea­son I’m writ­ing to you is that last year I sold my Honda Va­radero 125 with the plan to use the money to get my li­cence and use the rest to get a bike but my stupid car de­cided to die and I had to use the money to buy a new car (I need a car as I have two sproglings).

I’ve been hunt­ing on eBay for bikes as I think I might be get­ting my li­cence next sum­mer and was won­der­ing what would be the bet­ter bike as a first big bike, a Kawasaki ZZR600 or a Yamaha Thun­der­cat 600?

I want some­thing sporty but with an up­right rid­ing po­si­tion. I’m 6ft 1in with long legs. I’m look­ing now to get a fixer-up­per to do up for next sum­mer. Thanks in ad­vance and keep up the good work. James Fenton Email

Hello James, good to hear of some­one new com­ing to the bik­ing fold. Let’s open this let­ter out to our read­ers and get their feed­back about the ideal bike for you. So come on MCM read­ers, which bike do you think James should spend his hard-earned cash on? The floor is yours. TC

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