Tested: Scorpion Trail II tyre

Got a big Ad­ven­ture bike? Get these on it. The old Scor­pi­ons were good, but these new ones change the field of play com­pletely.

Motorcycle Monthly - - Pirelli - Words by: Tony Carter

Mod­ern tyres are amaz­ing pieces of equip­ment. Just 10 years ago a tyre that’d been de­signed for a big Ad­ven­ture-type bike was pretty rub­bish – it took ages to warm up and the float­ing blocks of rub­ber moved around a lot.

That move­ment, in it­self, meant two things when rid­ing on the road – very quick wear on the tyre for rub­bish mileage and very poor feel when the bike was leant over.

But tyres now of­fer huge mileages, are sta­ble as any­thing, look the part, give ter­rific feed­back when leant right over and are ready to rock within a cou­ple of miles. MCM has been out test­ing the latest tyre from Pirelli, the Scorpion Trail II.

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