Du­cati’s new Di­avel X, the feet for­ward tour­ing mus­cle cruiser!

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This is the Di­avel X, the newly-tweaked feet-for­ward cruiser ver­sion of Du­cati’s Di­avel. The bike will cost £15,795 for the stan­dard model and £18,392 for the higher-spec, S model.

Du­cati boss Clau­dio Domeni­cali said: “This is even fur­ther away from the Du­cati range. This is black. The red is a typ­i­cal Du­cati pos­ture.

“When we started to con­sider black as a colour then for us mov­ing to black was a par­a­digm shift. We started to con­sider things we never did be­fore, we started to re­ally think about new de­sign as­pects like how to en­joy the mo­tor­cy­cle at low speed, for ex­am­ple… and we came to this prod­uct.”

The Di­avel X gets belt drive, the first time on a Du­cati that belt drive has been used.

The fig­ures show how Du­cati has shifted the Di­avel mo­tor to suit a more low-down and mid-range mus­cle cruiser. The bike de­liv­ers max­i­mum torque of 85ft-lb at just 5000rpm and that torque sits in a flat curve from 2100rpm which means that the bike should feel like a wave of ooomf when you crack the throt­tle.

There are 60 er­gonomic com­bi­na­tions with ad­justable foot­pegs and seat/han­dle­bar ac­ces­sories. The bike will be pro­vided as stan­dard with an ex­tended back rest for the pil­lion. The XDi­avel has a lean an­gle of 40 de­grees, the stan­dard Di­avel can be leant over to 41 de­grees.

All the hoses serv­ing the bike’s cool­ing and lu­bri­ca­tion have now gone from view with the bike’s wa­ter now con­tained in­side the mo­tor. The bike gets a 240 sec­tion rear tyre with fully ad­justable sus­pen­sion front and back and a tubu­lar steel swingarm. Brakes are Brembo monobloc.

The Di­avel X also gets Du­cati Power Launch – look for the small, red three let­ters on the right han­dle­bar – which is ef­fec­tively launch con­trol. The sys­tem puts the bike into a soft mode so that you can fire the bike off the line in a non-fluffit, no wheel­spin way.

There will be two ver­sions of the bike, an S ver­sion which is the glossier, tricker op­tion and the stan­dard model.

The S ver­sion comes with glossy black paint on the mo­tor, ma­chined en­gine parts and ex­clu­sive ma­chined wheels. Domeni­cali was at pains to point out that the S ver­sion looks much more like a fac­tory spe­cial. The S ver­sion also gets an LED day­time run­ning light which will not be on the stan­dard ver­sion.

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