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Motorcycle Monthly - - Competition -

1: You have FIVE crosses and FIVE crosses only. FIVE. If you put more than five on your en­try, it won’t be ac­cepted. It’ll be binned. FIVE. Only FIVE. 2: Put your FIVE (we men­tioned that it’s FIVE, right?) crosses on the ORIG­I­NAL page. This one, the one that you’re read­ing right now. MCM is FREE as you know, so take it home. Take more than one copy home if you want to and get your crosses mojo go­ing on there. The point is, we will only ac­cept en­tries on the orig­i­nal photo and page from the pa­per. 3: Once you’ve got your FIVE (okay, we’ve said FIVE enough now, you get it) crosses on the photo, put your con­tact de­tails on the form along­side the shot, cut around the dot­ted line and send your en­try into us at the ad­dress in the box along­side these words. 4: You can en­ter as many times as you like with FIVE crosses only on each en­try (but en­ter 100 times if you want, it’s up to you). Just re­mem­ber that each en­try MUST only con­tain five crosses and each en­try MUST be on an orig­i­nal im­age and form cut from MCM. If you want to en­ter more than once then just take as many MCMs as you want. 5: Put your feet up, en­joy read­ing the rest of your MCM and wait for the postie to bring you the fruits of your labours. Well, that will hap­pen if you are the lucky win­ner pulled at ran­dom from the up­turned hel­met on the edi­tor’s desk. Those who are deemed clos­est to the cen­tre of where the ball is in the orig­i­nal im­age will be put in the up­turned MCM of­fice lid that’s a bit bashed-up (if there’s mul­ti­ple en­tries that are equally close then a sin­gle win­ner will be pulled out at ran­dom from those sent in). Okay, so we’ve made all that re­ally clear.

Get your crosses go­ing on, fill out the form, cut out the en­try from this page, no pho­to­copied en­tries or any­thing like that, en­ter as many times as you want us­ing forms cut from MCM and send them to us. Sim­ple as that. Good luck and let’s go Mo­to­ball com­pe­ti­tion en­ter­ing!

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