“So why haven’t you worn an open-face hel­met?”

Motorcycle Monthly - - Head To Head: Open-Face Helmets -

That was the ques­tion Sharon from Davida asked me when we were in­tro­duced at their stand. Frankly, I had no good rea­son. When I started rid­ing, ev­ery­one I knew wore a full­face, and I prob­a­bly be­lieved all the stuff about them be­ing noisy etc. As a wearer of glasses I thought they wouldn’t suit me (ever got rain on your glasses when rid­ing? It isn’t funny).

This test proved me SO wrong. They’re eas­ier to get on and off, their field of vi­sion is a rev­e­la­tion, they’re com­fort­able, quiet and sim­ply adding a vi­sor or gog­gles (there are spec­ta­cle-friendly gog­gles and even ones that can have pre­scrip­tion lenses fit­ted) means glasses wear­ers like me can add that vi­tal weather pro­tec­tion.

And an open-face makes you part (rather than apart of every­thing. Other road users see the hu­man be­ing not just the bike. A van was un­in­ten­tion­ally stop­ping me from fil­ter­ing. He saw me, said sorry and made me a gap. Would he have done so if I had been wear­ing a full-face?

If you’ve never tried an open-face hel­met, give it a go. I think you will be sur­prised. And no, you don’t have to start hang­ing round in cap­puc­cino bars, lis­ten­ing to bongo mu­sic and talk­ing about Jack Ker­ouac…

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