Guy's done the right TT thing

Star should be given free­dom do fol­low what­ever projects he wants

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Paul Bredael, email Ed: Guy has a mas­sive year ahead with TV projects and some bike rac­ing but there’s an army of fans who’d love to see him lift a ma­jor tro­phy at the TT

Get up early and help save WSB

Fur­ther to Tony Se­nior’s let­ter (MCN, Jan­uary 13), Chan­nel 4 al­ready do a high­lights show for WSB on Freeview and in HD too rather than ITV4 ‘bluro­vi­sion’. The only draw­back be­ing its early morn­ing sched­ul­ing and too-short 25-minute times­pan. It’s a pity we don’t fol­low the Span­ish TV chan­nels where Telede­porte repeats WSB and Su­pers­port in full and in HD.

Ian Wil­liams, email

I’m a ded­i­cated nod­der

I read Tom Hood’s let­ter (MCN, Jan­uary 13) and the way that he is be­ing made to feel ig­nored made my blood boil. The lack of recog­ni­tion is wrong on so many lev­els. The joy of bik­ing is that we are all shar­ing a pas­sion that is never ex­pe­ri­enced by non­rid­ers and we must have the sense to wel­come new rid­ers on small bikes. Most of us have spent time on 125s and 250s, ring­ing the necks of our pride and joys while lust­ing af­ter a larger ma­chines. To me ANY bike is a mo­tor­bike, and re­gard­less of size, L-plates or po­lice liv­ery, the rider is ex­actly the same as me. You’re a wel­comed and re­spected rider in my eyes Tom, and I can guar­an­tee that many more peo­ple feel just like I do.

An­drew W M Fer­gus­son, Malvern

Don't ig­nore small bikes

I feel for Tom Hood ( MCN, Jan­uary 13). In Septem­ber I took de­liv­ery of a Honda MSX125 to be used for lo­cal short dis­tance runs, in­stead of us­ing my 2014 VFR800F, as it is so much fun, easy to ride, light and quick to clean. I, like Tom, have found that most rid­ers ig­nore my nods. If they had good eye­sight they would no­tice my green IAM sticker, although I wouldn’t ex­pect them to know that I’ve had a full li­cence for 54 years. Come on, copy my ex­am­ple and nod to all and not just those with­out L-plates or on big-boy’s ma­chines.

Tom Coomber, email

You’re in the club

With­out fail I nod to ev­ery fel­low biker I see on the road. I first started out 15 years ago on a Honda CG125 and the first thing that struck me when out on the road was get­ting nods from other bik­ers. This was new to me and I im­me­di­ately felt that I was part of some­thing great. I’m now rid­ing a Z800 and I still nod at ev­ery­one re­gard­less. The im­por­tant thing is that you are on a bike in the first place.

Gary Craig, Bal­ly­mena

Three wheels bet­ter?

Chris Walker rac­ing side­cars? For a minute I thought it must be April Fool’s Day come early. Bri­tish Su­per­bikes won’t be the same with­out the Stalker but it’s go­ing to be in­ter­est­ing to see how he adapts. Good luck to you, Chris. Not sure I’d vol­un­teer to be the pas­sen­ger though!

Mark Robinson, email

In­sur­ance? That’ll be £8928

The in­sur­ance was due on my MT-09 Tracer, so I de­cided to get some quotes – I found an on­line quote of £330, and was con­tacted by phone and told they could bet­ter the quote. They went through all my de­tails again and I was emailed a quote of £8928! I will never un­der­stand how in­sur­ance com­pa­nies work.

Kevin Westwood, email

Mak­ing a noise for bik­ing

While most of us would hate to see a world of silent bikes (Euro4 fea­ture, MCN Jan­uary 13), there is no joy to be had from pol­lut­ing the at­mos­phere and mo­tor­cy­cles have to play their part in sav­ing the planet. The noise lim­its as MCN cor­rectly point out have not been re­duced as much as we once feared when MAG be­came ac­tive on the is­sue. The great suc­cess of our lob­by­ing on this front is that the pro­posed test cri­te­ria which would have ef­fec­tively out­lawed air-cooled en­gines were mod­i­fied to re­flect real-world rid­ing. Full throt­tle open­ings in low gears had been pro­posed as fea­tures of the noise test over 20 years ago and MAG/FEMA were quick to point out the un­rea­son­able­ness of such tests. Join MAG at

Ian Mutch, MAG Pres­i­dent

Rossi gets my GOAT

I have read a great deal about Valentino Rossi be­ing the great­est racer of all time. I have the great­est of re­spect for Rossi as a GP rider and for all he has done dur­ing his long ca­reer, but how can a rider who has never raced at the Isle of Man TT be called the great­est? In my opin­ion that ti­tle be­longs to Mike Hail­wood

The only prob­lem Guy Martin has in his life is in try­ing to shake all the mon­keys off his back. These mon­keys in­clude so-called fans who want to guide his life for him, not for his ben­e­fit but for their own. I find it ex­tremely re­fresh­ing that some­one at the top of his sport can see be­yond the con­fines of bik­ing and branch out and achieve suc­cess in other ar­eas, not for fame but for en­joy­ment and per­sonal sat­is­fac­tion. Good luck to him in all he at­tempts and I just hope he keeps the pub­lic win­dow open suf­fi­ciently so that I can fol­low his ex­ploits from a dis­tance.

Tony Farn­ham, Glos

vans… Spit­fires, boats and Tran­sit There’s bikes but there are also Fly­ing high at Bal­laugh Bridge in 2015, but there will be no Guy this year

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