‘ Take the screen off to cure the buf­fet­ing? Well, it’s an in­ter­est­ing idea…’

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The V-strom seems to be a pop­u­lar bike and I of­ten get sent ques­tions from own­ers or po­ten­tial own­ers. Here are the most re­cent and my an­swers.

Bill I find there is a lot of buf­fet­ing, have you con­sid­ered tak­ing off the screen to cure it? AD I’ve tried it on your rec­om­men­da­tion and it’s an in­ter­est­ing idea, but I’m not con­vinced. Maybe it just takes some get­ting used to. My buf­fet­ing has im­proved a lit­tle since fit­ting a Power­bronze screen (£75) any­way. But more im­por­tantly, a steady blast of icy air di­rectly pum­melling my chest for 100 miles isn’t much fun.

Rasty I just came back from a tour of Europe on my Strom. It was great, apart from the un­com­fort­able seat. What have you done for com­fort on long jour­neys? AD I’ve never had a prob­lem with the XT seat. If any­thing, the only un­com­fort­able thing about the Strom’s the bar po­si­tion. They could do with be­ing twisted closer to me, some­thing I need to at­tempt one week­end. You could al­ways try an Airhawk cush­ion (£184.99), which does won­ders for your rear on long jaunts.

Ja­son I ride a 2011 Honda CBR600F, but a back prob­lem is forc­ing me to look at a more up­right bike. What are your thoughts on the V-strom so far? AD I ride around 500 miles a week on the Strom and I’m com­fort­able the en­tire time so I doubt you’d have any prob­lems. My only con­cern is that you’ll find it lacks a bit of power com­pared to the Honda, which makes 32 horses more than the 68bhp Suzuki. But you can still have a blast be­cause the Suzuki is so easy to ride and it’s great fun try­ing to squeeze the most out of it.

Daniel Is it worth spend­ing the ex­tra £600 on the XT model? I heard that spoked wheels of­fer more com­fort. The only way I’ll go off-road is un­in­ten­tion­ally. AD If you are not go­ing off-road then def­i­nitely opt for the stan­dard model. The off-road kit that comes with the XT like bars and sump guard aren’t nec­es­sary for the road. And no, spokes don’t of­fer more com­fort than alu­minium, it’s an off-road only gain be­cause spoked wheels are eas­ier to re­pair if they suf­fer dam­age.

‘Start-up on a crisp morn­ing was met by the

sound of an armed rob­bery

in full flow’

Ra­mair came up trumps with new fil­ters Maybe a mouse ate it, or maybe the fil­ter was sucked into the en­gine It’s ready for the bin, but you can’t com­plain af­ter nearly 10,000 miles If you’re not go­ing off road you’re best off with­out the spoked wheels

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