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Sidi ST Gore £314.99

Tested by Liam Mars­den Time tested Two months/1300 miles

What’s good? I al­ways have trou­ble find­ing boots that fit well, be­cause I have laugh­ably thin calves. These Sidis are the only boots I’ve found so far that are se­cure around my calves, and they fit my feet al­most per­fectly, too. The buck­les at the top of the boots are ad­justable so whether I’m wear­ing the boots over leathers or against my bare calves I can ad­just them to get a nice tight fit. The Gore­Tex mem­brane has so far kept my feet dry, and al­lowed them to breathe. De­spite tem­per­a­tures now drop­ping be­low zero, I’ve also been able to get away with wear­ing thin socks and my feet haven’t been too cold. The ex­ter­nal sup­port brace, which is there to stop lat­eral move­ment in the event of a crash, al­lows good move­ment back and forth mak­ing walk­ing easy and com­fort­able.

What’s not? While I’ve no doubt the an­kle brace will help in a crash, it’s a lit­tle bulky, which of­ten means it gets stuck on the foot­peg when I try and flick the side­stand down. The boots have switch­able vents, but I rode in tem­per­a­tures be­low freez­ing with just one vent open and I didn’t no­tice a dif­fer­ence — though that could be down to the amount of weather pro­tec­tion on my Kawasaki 1400GTR.

Con­tact www.sidis­e­lect.com

Alpines­tars Nu­cleon KR-CIR

chest pro­tec­tor £44.99

Tester Michael Neeves Time used Nine months/5000 miles

What’s good? Ten years ago I crashed at Snet­ter­ton and bumped up a ribbed kerb then slid back­wards on my front. The chest pro­tec­tor I was wear­ing at the time took the brunt of the im­pact. Af­ter that, if I ride with­out a chest pro­tec­tor I feel as vul­ner­a­ble as I do when I’m not wear­ing a back pro­tec­tor. This new Alpines­tars chest pro­tec­tor is made from a rub­bery plas­tic that moulds to my body shape once it gets warm so it’s very com­fort­able, and it’s well-vented so I don’t over­heat in the sum­mer ei­ther. And just like that chest pro­tec­tor did 10 years ago, this one has al­ready saved me in a big,

tum­bling track crash — all for just 45 quid.

What’s not? The chest pro­tec­tor doesn’t have much bend un­til it’s warmed-up, so it’s un­com­fort­able to wear for the first cou­ple of min­utes. Con­tact www.alpines­tars.com Qual­ity rat­ing ★★★★★ Value rat­ing ★★★★★

Ox­ford Warm Dry top (£29.99)

and trousers (£29.99)

Tester James Archibald Time tested Two months/2800 miles

What’s good? I’ve al­ways used cheap, ba­sic lay­ers bought from a hik­ing shop to keep me warm on my weekly com­mute from Peter­bor­ough to Devon, and thought I could get away with us­ing them in­def­i­nitely. But these ther­mal lay­ers from Ox­ford have turned that idea on its head. They were a rev­e­la­tion, keep­ing my core and legs warm and mak­ing rides through the cold more bear­able and more im­por­tantly safer as my con­cen­tra­tion stays sharper for longer. They have high­lighted the im­por­tance of lay­er­ing prop­erly and I wouldn’t be with­out them now. On oc­ca­sion, when com­bined with the ther­mal layer in my jacket, I can get too warm but that’s def­i­nitely not a bad thing as I can sim­ply change my top and con­tinue rid­ing in com­fort.

What’s not? They’re sim­ple and func­tional and do their job per­fectly. I can’t fault them. Con­tact www.ox­ford­prod­ucts.com Qual­ity rat­ing ★★★★★ Value rat­ing ★★★★★

Du­cati Scram­bler gloves £45

Tester Si­mon Brown Time tested Three months/2500 miles

What’s good? Prod­ucts with de­sir­able names at­tached of­ten cost more than they are re­ally worth – so these shortie gloves bear­ing both the ‘Du­cati’ and ‘Scram­bler’ brands are a re­fresh­ing change. I tried sev­eral dif­fer­ent types of shortie glove over the last year and these, which are made for Du­cati by Spidi, were my favourite. There’s de­cent Vel­cro ad­just­ment on the clo­sure, so they fas­ten se­curely and there is ex­tra ma­te­rial on the palm and side of the hand. Plus, there are per­fo­ra­tions to al­low some air through on the sort of warm days gloves like this are re­served for. The leather was good and sup­ple right from the start, too, and they have worn well.

What’s not? By their very na­ture, short gloves can’t of­fer the same level of crash pro­tec­tion as full-length items. In fact, there’s a com­plete ab­sence of the car­bon/plas­tic knuckle and wrist ar­mour seen on many mod­ern gloves. They’re not the sort of gear you’d pick for spir­ited rid­ing or long-dis­tance mo­tor­way jaunts.

Con­tact www.scram­bler du­cati.com


Qual­ity rat­ing ★★★★★

Value rat­ing ★★★★★ MONTHS


BUCK­LES Huge range of ad­just­ment means they can fit any

leg size

£299.99 There is no di­rect ri­val for the Sidis as no-one else makes a high­spec wa­ter­proof race boot in this price bracket. The clos­est boots are these TCXS with a sim­i­lar spec

but no wa­ter­proof mem­brane.





GORE-TEX Has kept the rain (and snow) at bay while still let­ting my feet breathe Clasps mean boots can be ad­justed to fit closely for wide or slim calves


VENTS Slightly com­pli­cated and finicky to get on. Vents don’t seem to be very ef­fec­tive

So far they’ve proved in­ef­fec­tive, this could be due to the bike’s weather








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