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Is af­ter­mar­ket trac­tion con­trol any good?

I’ve got hold of a dirt-cheap Suzuki GSX-R1000K7 which is get­ting the track­day treat­ment in my garage and thought an af­ter­mar­ket trac­tion con­trol sys­tem might be worth fit­ting. I’ve read about the Baz­zaz unit which seems good. Frank Reynolds, Chip­pen­ham

An­swered by Chris Dabbs, MCN val­ues to cut the ig­ni­tion to bring the rate back within lim­its. It is good at iden­ti­fy­ing mid-cor­ner throt­tle snatch as you feed the power back in, but it can’t spot the more com­mon ‘wind-up slide’, pow­er­ing out of faster cor­ners.

For that you need a wheel-speed based set-up like the Bri­tishde­signed and built Neme­sis-tcs. Com­par­ing wheel speeds is the same ap­proach used by ev­ery man­u­fac­turer and any race-team from Na­tional level up to Mo­togp.

Such sys­tems mon­i­tor and com­pare the front and rear wheel­speeds, keep­ing mis­matches within lim­its by re­tard­ing and cut­ting the ig­ni­tion to al­low the rear tyre to grip again. Things get com­pli­cated when the bike is lean­ing over be­cause the front and rear tyres have dif­fer­ent pro­files which changes the me­chan­i­cal ra­tio be­tween them as you roll in and out of a turn. Sys­tems like the Neme­sis have sen­sors to build up a map of where you are in a

cor­ner. They cal­cu­late the cor­rect er­ror value at each point and pro­vide an ap­pro­pri­ate amount of slip, only cut­ting the spark right on the limit to give the tyre a re­cov­ery pe­riod to grip again, so it comes back into line but doesn’t stop spin­ning com­pletely.

The Neme­sis sys­tem costs just un­der £1800 and it’s a far big­ger out­lay than the £593 it costs for a Baz­zaz unit.

The Us-made Baz­zaz is pretty oldtech and is an rpm rate-of-change sys­tem that sim­ply bolts onto the coils and uses pre­de­ter­mined OJ Scooter Muffs Mini Pro Hand If you want top-notch trac­tion con­trol it won’t come cheap Try Bridge­stone S20 Evos on your Ze

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