How do I cope with ex­treme cold?

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By Si­mon and Lisa Thomas, adventure travel ex­perts

Rid­ing in cold weather can be more dan­ger­ous than in hot. As your body redi­rects your blood to pro­tect vi­tal or­gans our brains fall into emer­gency mode and sen­si­ble thought be­comes a bat­tle. So here are our top tips to get you through ex­treme con­di­tions. Firstly, heated grips are a must. They won’t feel like they’re do­ing much but will al­low you to carry on us­ing your hands. You should also con­cen­trate on your breath­ing. By breath­ing in and out through your nose and keep­ing your mouth closed, you will min­imise the amount of heat loss. Proper lay­er­ing is cru­cial too; lay­ers trap warm air and keep you warmer than us­ing one big jumper. Min­imise wind chill as even at low speeds it can dou­ble the phys­i­cal ef­fects of the air tem­per­a­ture, so use a wind breaker. Make sure you keep your head warm, so use a syn­thetic or silk bal­a­clava. Stop­ping and mov­ing around is another one, and if it gets se­ri­ously cold, get off and push the bike to warm up. And fi­nally, news­pa­per is a bril­liant trick; it makes fan­tas­tic in­su­la­tion if you stuff it down your jacket and trousers. The sim­plest tricks are the best.

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