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Richard Llewellin, boss of Louigi Moto near Bris­tol

ÒIT helps if you are an ‘old-school’ biker,

as those boys have them as in­vest­ments that they like to pol­ish. ‘Mod­ern’ Duke own­ers some­times think they own Ja­panese bikes and can get caught out by cor­ro­sion and some mod­els’ foibles.

ÒIF you own a bike from the 748-to-996 era the swingarm pivot bolt that goes through the cases can seize and mean you can’t get the en­gine out. Those bikes also had an is­sue with cush-drives de­lam­i­nat­ing. As the metal back­ing for the cush drives comes off it fires out and can de­stroy the hub and chain ad­justers if not caught in time. Check for any kind of swarf in that area be­fore it’s too late.

Òearly 748s, 916s, 749s and 999s didn’t have an an­ti­cor­ro­sion coat­ing on the in­side of their steel fuel tanks. If the breather for the fuel cap gets blocked, wa­ter will get into the tank and rot it from the in­side.

ÒON early Mul­tistradas the fuel tank mount­ing screws seize into po­si­tion. It’s partly be­cause they leave the fac­tory with thread­lock and then DIY me­chan­ics think they should al­ways be like that and over­tighten them. The idle air con­trol valve, which is like an au­to­matic choke, can seize. The ECU senses this and goes into a hay­wire map.

Òthe 1098 and 1198 mod­els are my favourites Ð the qual­ity con­trol went right up with them and I think they are go­ing to still be around long af­ter most Pani­gales have been thrown away.ó

‘It helps if the owner is an ‘old-school’


You have to treat them well

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