Q Why’s my Day­tona afraid of the cold?

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My 2013 Tri­umph Day­tona 675 has de­vel­oped an an­noy­ing prob­lem. Most of the time it works fine but on some days when I take it out of the garage it will start and then cut out again.

To keep it run­ning while it warms up I have to hold the throt­tle open slightly. It has also cut out at traf­fic lights just as I am about to move when the lights change. I have re­placed the plugs and fit­ted a new air fil­ter but I am start­ing to worry it’s an ECU is­sue.

Jenk­insk, MCN fo­rums An­swered by Adrian Clancy, To­tal Tri­umph It’s pos­si­bly a par­tially stuck idle step­per mo­tor link­age. The link­age is be­tween the step­per mo­tor and the throt­tle body but­ter­flies and can be­come a lit­tle ‘sticky’ over time, es­pe­cially in the win­ter.

When this hap­pens the step­per mo­tor can­not open the throt­tle valves suf­fi­ciently for a fast idle and this will cause prob­lems when cold. You will need to re­move the air­box, then spray some lube on the link­age to free it up.

It’s a good idea to have it done at a deal­er­ship as they will be able to ad­just the link­age if nec­es­sary, which is done us­ing the Tri­umph Di­ag­nos­tic Tool. An­other pos­si­bil­ity is a faulty or mal­ad­justed throt­tle po­si­tion sen­sor and the only way to test this is again at a deal­er­ship.

Won’t idle on a cold day? It’s prob­a­bly a sticky step­per


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