Q Is it safe to leave my trickle charge on full time?

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I re­cently read in MCN about leav­ing a bike on a trickle charger to stop the bat­tery sul­phat­ing. I have an Ox­ford Ox­imiser at­tached to my BMW F800GT that’s been switched on for four weeks and the state says the bat­tery is ‘strong’. Do I leave it on, or should I switch it off from time to time while the bike is laid up? Adrian Bird, email

An­swered by Chris Dabbs, MCN Trickle charg­ers such as your Ox­imiser are de­signed to as­sess the bat­tery con­di­tion and ap­ply the cor­rect charge. So they can be left con­nected and turned on in­def­i­nitely to charge a mod­ern gel or main­te­nance-free bat­tery. If the bat­tery is an older acid type with re­fill caps then it’s im­por­tant to mon­i­tor the fluid lev­els as the bat­tery will lose elec­trolyte over time. Mod­ern sealed types do not suf­fer from fluid loss.

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