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Shark Evo One hel­met £329.99

Tester Andy Downes Time tested Six weeks/1000 miles

What’s good? This is a very clev­erly de­signed flip-front hel­met that lets the rider flip the front sec­tion over to the back of the hel­met, so you get to choose whether it’s a full-face or open-face lid. This al­lows the rider to have the chin­bar up but still have the vi­sor down for rid­ing around town. The com­fort is first rate and the liner is very plush and re­mains com­fort­able even on long rides. The Pin­lock anti-mist insert on the vi­sor seals per­fectly for ex­cel­lent pro­tec­tion against fog­ging, and in wet weather the vi­sor it­self seals very well. The drop-down sun shield is great at this time of the year for when the sun­light re­flects back off wet roads. The matt black and fluro yel­low scheme looks stylish and there’s an op­tional re­flec­tive sticker kit in the box too.

What’s not? The chin­bar can take a bit of ef­fort to click into place. It needs a firm click on each side to lo­cate prop­erly and that means tak­ing both hands off the han­dle­bars (one at a time, ob­vi­ously) to make sure it’s lo­cated. It lets in a lot of air from un­der­neath that can be tir­ing for my eyes in very cold weather. The Pin­lock insert is al­ready scratched on the in­side be­cause it’s scrap­ing against ei­ther the top vi­sor seal or the hel­met shell.

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