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1When can I buy a Thrux­ton R?

It will ar­rive in deal­ers by April 23, but you may have to wait for a while to get your hands on one. Deal­ers are ask­ing for a £250 de­posit to se­cure an R, how­ever most have al­ready sold their ini­tial al­lo­ca­tion and the next de­liv­ery won’t be un­til Septem­ber. Some deal­ers will have R mod­els as demos on April 23, oth­ers will just have the stan­dard Thrux­ton.

Can I buy a stan­dard Thrux­ton in­stead?

Like the R, most deal­ers have al­ready sold their ini­tial al­lo­ca­tion of the stan­dard Thrux­ton, how­ever they are ex­pect­ing a new batch of bikes to ar­rive in Au­gust, shortly be­fore the next batch of Rs land.

Why doesn’t the R have an Öh­lins fork?

Ac­cord­ing to Tri­umph, the per­for­mance of the Showa BPF was more than good enough. Fit­ting Öh­lins would have mainly been a fash­ion-pleas­ing move.

How much power does the race cam give?

Tri­umph won’t con­firm how much the ‘Per­for­mance Race Kit’ will cost, or how much more power it will pro­duce, how­ever as it is for com­pe­ti­tion use only fit­ting it will prob­a­bly in­val­i­date your road war­ranty.

Can I switch off all the elec­tron­ics?

Yes, both the ABS and trac­tion con­trol are switch­able on both Thrux­ton mod­els.

Can I fit Thrux­ton R parts to the Thrux­ton?

Most of the ac­ces­sories and up­graded parts on the R are in­ter­change­able be­tween the mod­els and so are the Öh­lins shocks. Fit­ting the BPF with their ra­dial brakes is not pos­si­ble as the ABS tune is unique to the R.

What ac­ces­sories are there for the Thrux­ton mod­els?

The of­fi­cial Tri­umph Café Racer in­spi­ra­tion kit brings naked café racer styling for £1295 while the Track Racer kit is more sports in­spired and in­cludes a half fair­ing for £1620. All the com­po­nent parts are avail­able sep­a­rately and there are around 160 ex­tras such as the V&H ex­haust si­lencers, quilted seat and var­i­ous bolt-on ac­ces­sories. All ac­ces­sories can be fit­ted to ei­ther model.

Is the Vance & Hines ex­haust of­fen­sively loud?

That’s a sub­jec­tive is­sue, but the ex­haust is avail­able in a road­ho­molo­gated spec­i­fi­ca­tion with re­mov­able baf­fles if you don’t want to up­set your neigh­bours too much. And a full de-cat (race only) one if you do!

When did you start the 1200 pro­ject?

MCN SW About four years ago, how­ever there was an aw­ful lot of dis­cussing be­fore­hand about what the bikes needed to be. The Bon­neville and Thrux­ton names are a big part of Tri­umphõs her­itage and they will play a ma­jor part in its fu­ture.

BMW steered clear of too much tech­nol­ogy on its R ninet, why did Tri­umph choose to em­brace it?

MCN SW It is a con­tem­po­rary mo­tor­cy­cle, and if you donõt no­tice itõs there whatõs wrong with hav­ing it? Look around the 1200s and try and find the tech­nol­ogy, it is very well hid­den. We arenõt mak­ing a fuss of it, but we know peo­ple will ap­pre­ci­ate it work­ing in the back­ground to im­prove the ride.

Why was the ca­pac­ity in­crease nec­es­sary?

MCN SW There was al­ways a group of rid­ers who found the 900 too small, so we made a larger ca­pac­ity ma­chine that is pack­aged

The R model’s twin Öh­lins shocks are fully ad­justable and the preload’s C-span­ner is lo­cated un­der the rider’s seat. And de­spite the Öh­lins-alike gold tubes, the front end is ac­tu­ally a Showa Big Pis­ton Fork (BPF), and is also fully


The Thrux­ton has a tubu­lar steel frame that uses the en­gine as a stressed mem­ber, in­creas­ing its rigid­ity. The R’s wheel­base of 1415mm and its 22.8-de­gree rake and 92mm trail are in the same ball­park as mod­ern sportsbikes, and its wheel­base is shorter than

the Speed Triple’s.

The all-new 1200cc par­al­lel twin has a 270-de­gree crank with a sin­gle over­head cam that op­er­ates fin­ger fol­low­ers rather than a bucket and shim valve train. The mo­tor is fully wa­ter cooled, but has fins on its cylin­der to im­prove cool­ing and also give an au­then­tic

ap­pear­ance. The Monza fuel cap cover hides a lock­able fuel filler, the sin­gle head­light has day­time run­ning lights within it, the rear light is all LED, the key has a built-in im­mo­biliser (there is also a unique Thrux­ton R key), the twin clocks have LED dis­plays for gear, fuel, fuel

range, mpg and time.

Tri­umph say the Thrux­ton R is a con­tem­po­rary ma­chine so have given it trac­tion con­trol as well as a rideby-wire throt­tle sys­tem. It has three fuel modes – Road, Rain and Sport – which keep the same power but

vary the throt­tle’s re­sponse.

The Brembo monobloc calipers are linked to a Brembo ra­dial mas­ter cylin­der by steel braided lines and grip Brembo fully float­ing discs. The ABS is switch­able. The base-model Thrux­ton gets twin-pis­ton Nissin slid­ing calipers and fixed discs

backed up with ABS.

If you pick the Thrux­ton over the Bon­neville you know what you are get­ting into. This is a cafž racer-style bike with a sportier stance, and so you have to ac­cept the fact the seat is a touch hard, pil­lion pegs are an af­ter­mar­ket op­tion that also re­quires a new seat to ac­com­mo­date a pas­sen­ger, and af­ter a while the clip-on (or more ac­cu­rately clip-over) bars are hard work on your wrists. Itõs a cafž racer, what else do you ex­pect? IÕM over 6ft tall and al­though I did­nõt feel cramped on the Thrux­ton when rid­ing it, I did get con­tin­u­ally frus­trated that I kept slid­ing for­ward on the seat and into the back of the petrol tank. But my big­gest gripe is with the side­stand.

I know this may sound petty, but the fact that the knob­ble you flick with your heel is to­tally in­ac­ces­si­ble when you are wear­ing race boots drove me crazy. Ev­ery time I stopped I had to phys­i­cally lean down and flick the stand out by hand Ð which is not cool. Did it de­tract from the over­all ex­pe­ri­ence? No, of course not, but it does make you look like a plum ev­ery time you stop.

So, have Tri­umph pro­duced a Thrux­ton wor­thy of car­ry­ing the name to the next gen­er­a­tion of own­ers? I would cer­tainly say so. The styling and at­ten­tion to de­tail lav­ished upon it are se­cond to none. The par­al­lel-twin en­gine is a lit­tle lack­ing in char­ac­ter, but noth­ing that a set of loud pipes would­nõt rec­tify, and many own­ers favour re­fine­ment over char­ac­ter any­way. The han­dling is top drawer thanks to ex­cel­lent brakes, sus­pen­sion and chas­sis bal­ance Ð and the elec­tron­ics marry the whole pack­age to­gether. And thatõs the key to the new Thrux­ton R Ð itõs a well thought-out com­plete pack­age, not just an as­sem­bly of trick parts like so many cafž racer spe­cials.

Turn off the TC and the Thrux­ton’s grunt is plain to see

De­li­cious damp­ing Sport­ing stance Mod­ern mo­tor Per­fectly pol­ished top yoke grips sexy Showa fork caps Mix of old and new Tra­di­tional-style lamp also has LED run­ning lights Mega­phone ex­haust is a rare Euro 4 suc­cess

Monza-style cap is se­cretly lock­able A mix of old and new, rear light is fully LED A mod­ern twist Stop­ping power

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