‘It’d been fixed by some­one who knew his onions’

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Be wary (not scared) of write- offs

I re­cently saw a Cat C write-off 2009 Tri­umph 1050 Sprint ST that had been prop­erly re­paired (it had been on its side) sell for £2750. That was a steal. All the dam­age had been cos­metic, and it'd been fixed by some­one who knew his onions.

Bikes like this com­mand far lower prices than nor­mal but I wouldn’t have any qualms buy­ing a Cat C that had been prop­erly fixed. Nor would I worry about buy­ing one to fix up.

Re­mem­ber to choose a pop­u­lar model, which will make sourc­ing used spares eas­ier. You’ll also find a crash-dam­aged 125 may not be a good move – learner bikes get pranged and used parts are hard to find.

I also clocked a six-year-old Honda CBF125 that went for £360. It needed a mud­guard, clock hous­ing, tank, fair­ing, head­light – parts that are hard to find and ex­pen­sive. And you’d need a lot of fas­ten­ers. Un­less you know you can get the parts cheap, this is not an eco­nomic re­pair. Not when you can get a de­cent run­ning 200910 CBF125 for £800.

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