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Motorcycle News (UK) - - This Week - By Andy David­son STAFF WRITER

The Wall of Death is ridicu­lous. Dare­dev­ils ride 100-yearold In­dian Scouts in­side a big bar­rel, ac­tively de­fy­ing the laws of grav­ity as they per­pet­u­ally flick round and around, bat­tling se­ri­ous mo­tion sick­ness, blackouts and crush­ing G-forces. Some­how they stick to the wall as their tyres skim inches from the top where spectators stand, gawk­ing in awe.

But that’s not enough for Guy. No, he’s go­ing to at­tempt a Wall of Death world record. To get the Guin­ness record he’ll need to reach 60mph and then come to a con­trolled stop; that means rid­ing the big­gest wall the world has ever seen, faster than any­one be­fore him and with more G-force than any rider has ever ex­pe­ri­enced. Oh, and he’s do­ing it live, in front of mil­lions of TV view­ers, and the word is he wants to hit 80mph. So no pres­sure then, apart from the 6G of it drain­ing the blood from his brain.

Guy’s record at­tempt harks back to the days of Evel Knievel's epic live stunts. The wall has thrilled au­di­ences since the early 1900s, but not like this. Not at this speed and not at this in­cred­i­ble, gob-smack­ing size with more G-force than as­tro­nauts en­dure.

“When I first heard the idea, I gen­uinely thought ‘that’s the best idea any­one’s come up with ever,’” says Guy. “I’m the luck­i­est man alive get­ting to do this. Let’s get stuck in, let’s have it. It’s gonna be a right night!”

Good luck sir, and hats off to you.

‘Guy’s at­tempt harks back to the days of the leg­endary

Evel Knievel’

Lap­ping at 60mph sounds easy, but then there’s the small mat­ter of 6G

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