How will Guy stick to the wall?


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A tra­di­tional Wall of Death would place around 2 to 2.5G on the rider, and that’s the min­i­mum needed to stay on the wall. Guy needs to reach 60mph, which equals 3.5G. But he’s been train­ing hard so it wouldn’t sur­prise me if he pushed it and went for 80mph. That would then equal around 6.4Gs. Now, to reach ei­ther of those speeds on a con­ven­tional sized wall with a 10m di­am­e­ter the rider would be fac­ing 14Gs, which is im­pos­si­ble – the heart wouldn’t be able to pump blood to the brain. So that’s why we’ve had to build a big­ger wall, with a 40m di­am­e­ter to bring the G down to a level his body can han­dle. Let’s say he does 80mph, which we know equals 6.4G. That means that he will feel 6.4 times his ac­tual weight. So, as­sum­ing he weighs 80kg, he’d feel like he weighs 512kg and if the bike is 300kg on the ground then it will be 1.9 tonnes of metal fly­ing around the wall.

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