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I’ve been train­ing Guy for his wall of death record at­tempt and he’s been ex­cel­lent. He’s turned out to be the eas­i­est per­son to teach. He does ev­ery­thing I sug­gest; he lis­tens and is ob­vi­ously ex­tremely com­pe­tent on a mo­tor­cy­cle. It would have taken much longer to train some­one else. We started train­ing last March, so we’ve had a year to get him ready for this.

But it’s a long, slow, grad­ual process get­ting some­one ready for the ex­treme nau­sea. So to train him to deal with the dizzi­ness, he rides around the floor in cir­cles over and over un­til he’s dizzy. Then he stops, rests and does it again un­til he’s dizzy. Rest, and go again. We do that un­til he doesn’t get dizzy any­more. Then we move up onto the bank­ing track and go through the same process. It’s very grad­ual, from floor to bank­ing and from bank­ing to wall. But that’s what it takes. We’ve got to train him to cope with the mo­tion sick­ness, and he’ll also have to cope with the se­ri­ous G-forces placed on his body.

To get the record Guy will have to hit 60mph, and just to get up on to the ver­ti­cal part of the wall he’ll have to be do­ing 55mph. But I know he’s hop­ing for 80mph. At 80 he’ll be hit­ting 6G. Any­one touches 4.5G and they’ll def­i­nitely be feel­ing it. I’ve never met any­one who has done 40mph; on my wall you would have blacked out ages ago. The fastest I’ve been around is 35mph. While it is pos­si­ble, it is pretty tough. Your heart strug­gles to pump blood to your brain which can cause blackouts. I’ve blacked out on the wall be­fore. Ev­ery­thing starts to go grey, then you get tun­nel vi­sion and then that’s it, black. But you can bring your­self back from it be­fore it hap­pens as you’ll start to feel it, so you have to back off and tens­ing your stom­ach mus­cles helps to keep it at bay. But you can go from nor­mal to blackout in sec­onds so he’ll have to be fo­cused and quick to re­act.

‘It’s a slow process get­ting some­one ready for ex­treme nau­sea’

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